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Where to buy exterior house paint?

Posted by Bob Justin - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Cherchez - 6 years ago

Yes, the paint in Italy is no better..Go with shanwicks idea, or there is an online company that supplies paint from the UK here. I will try and finf the site for you

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Posted by Shanwick - 6 years ago

Don't buy it in France, or even Italy. Look on the B+Q website and ask Brian from Riviera Transport to bring it to you.


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Posted by belamica-188434 - 6 years ago

I just mailed you privately about Rizzo. Also, they DO tint paint to your specs.

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Posted by Bob Justin - 6 years ago

Hello again,
I'm still sourcing exterior house paint. There seems to be an enormous range of prices and quality. Which is perhaps why I'm finding this a little more onerous than expected.
Castorama has Tollens exterior acrylic paint in white and stone colour (ton pierre) is at about 65 euros for 12 litre. And 99 euros for 10 litres (in the usual pastel colours). Leroy Merlin has Luxens (home brand) paint at a bit less. Then at the top of the range, there's Zolpan and the others which seem to be at about 150-200 euros for a bigger 15 or 16 litre pot.
I guess I'm looking for the best price/quality ratio. I don't need the top of the range but I'd like decent quality paint.
So, here it is again. I'm interested in any constructive advice on the do's and don'ts of buying house paint and exterior house painting.
- Do you know where to buy reasonably good quality house paint at better rates? - Can anybody recommend a good supplier where I can buy say 10 big pots of paint and have it tainted, at reasonable cost?
Many thanks.

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Posted by belamica-188434 - 6 years ago

Rizzo in Ventimiglia, just after the bridge when you enter town going towards the river parking space. Ask for Elio. Also ask if he'll give a reduction if you buy a large qty.
Good luck!

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Posted by thinklucky - 6 years ago

Suggest you take a trip across the border, the paint is both cheaper and better quality in Italy. French paint is very poor quality in comparison to its UK counterparts. All the best