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Wireless Internet

Posted by wkt54-196372 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by hoof hearted-248294 - 5 years ago

I have had to sort out three similar problems with Orange live boxes recently.

For some reason, the wireless configuration is being lost and the settings inside the orange box need to be re-entered.

In two cases, Orange replaced the box (they give you a code and you take the old box to your nearest orange shop to exchange it), and in the third case, the re-programming worked.

I used the English help line 09 69 36 39 00 (just avoid Mondays, first thing in the morning and at the end of the day when they are very busy) and found them very helpful.

I am with Orange at home and had toyed with the idea of switching to a cheaper provider, however given breakdowns with other suppliers and now with Orange, I feel that the extra money that Orange charge is the 'insurance policy' I am prepared to pay, in order to get a swift repair service.




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Posted by cricket-276437 - 5 years ago

It would be better if you posted your reply here rather than sending direct email

Your computer wireless  seems to be in trouble.

What is your exact laptop model type, and what is your operating system (Xp, or Vista or Windows 7 ETC)??


wkt54 has sent you a message through your profile on AngloINFO French Riviera:


Hi again

I switched the computer off, and unplugged the livebox from the mains for 30 mins.

When I plugged back in again, and the livebox was back on, I took out the ethernet cable from the laptop and livebox, and switched the computer back on again.

Is that what you mean by reboot - just turn it on?

My HP switch - in the brackets was always on red, and never turned green.

In the bottom right hand corner it said you are not connected to any network, and I had to put the ethernet cable back on to get back online.

I can't see the power signal. The battery inside my computer has not worked for quite a few months. It is saying 0% disponibles (branché pas en charge),but the laptop has always worked from the mains since then.

So I am still having to use the ethernet cable, not that it is a problem!

I just wondered why I had to use it after years of not needing it.


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Posted by cricket-276437 - 5 years ago

to clarify the steps

Power down router means disconnect the mains power from the Livebox. When you reconnect the mains and switch on, it will take a minute or two to synch up fully with Orange

Remove the network cable from the laptop - means the ethernet cable

Reboot the laptop means a full reboot - not just into sleep mode

The icon on the taskbar on my HP (Win 7) is a bar chart with 5 bars of ascending height from left to right. These more white bars you have the better the signal

Make sure your wireless on the laptop is switched on before you reboot


hope this helps




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Posted by cricket-276437 - 5 years ago

Step 1

Power down your router and restart it

remove the network cable connection to your computer

rebooot your computer

you should have an icon in your taskbar (bottom right of screen) showing the showing the status of your internet wirelesss connection

let us know if that fails, and then we can move to stage 2