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Wood Burning Stoves

Posted by jen-182151 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by dido-203783 - 6 years ago

Agreed that Jotul stoves are great. We bought ours from and had it installed by Atry Home in Grasse.


The installation requires the chimney to be lined which is a cost that has to be added to the cost of the stove (plus the chimney needs to be swept beforehand).

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Posted by jen-182151 - 6 years ago

Thanks for the replies, where can I buy a scandinavian wood burner? The guy in the shop told me the Godin's are the best?

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Posted by 63gbs-211288 - 6 years ago

Hi Jen - The main thing to look for is how good the engineering is as to some extent this will determin how well you can control the air flow - speed of burning. Look at how well the door fits and if the draft can get into the fire box without regulation.

Unfortunately most French stoves are very poorly made in this respect so as fixittoday said Scandinavian wood burners (Jotul are very good but expensive) are generally better. Some Italian stoves are good as well.

Work out what size of stove you need for the area to be heated - most will give the kw and approx area they will heat. Use the mid range of the stove as a guide as you don't want to run it at full throttle all the time.

Yes the heat will rise through the house but the upper floors will never reach the same temp as the room where the stove is sited. We only have two floors and the stairs go directly from the room with a woodburning oven (Deville) which put out 11kw and cooking. Our bedrooms upstair are also kept at a comfortable temp in the winter and we are at 640m above sea level!!!!

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Posted by Fixittoday-319649 - 6 years ago

Hi,I installed a small Jotul and it's amazing. Paul