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Woodworm! - Need to find reputable firm please

Posted by snowqueen-191196 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by ChB-184121 - 7 years ago

I did some research and did my own when I found woodworm. I did learn that when you see a hole in the wood, it is where the worm has changed into a fly and decided to leave. so you are too late for that one. Some products say you inject it into the hole, this obviously is a con as the creature has already gone.But they sort of hibernate in the winter in the wood, and when it warms up a bit, they take flight - you might find some very slow-moving flying bugs around about now. The liquid I got I painted onto the surface of the wood on all surfaces including the hidden areas, and I had a spray that I used into a sealed-up room and left for a day. it seemed to do the trick, there was no sign the following year.

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Posted by tea? - 7 years ago

You can try Aviv, he used to work for Rentokil but has now set up on his own - 0659988118


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Posted by peterslavender - 7 years ago

Also a company called Pamther in the phone book

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Posted by citic-213768 - 7 years ago

buy woodwrm liquid and paint it on yourself , the liquid soaks into the wood and when the worms it again they die