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Cap verde

Posted by Lescypres-873147 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 5 years ago

My reply may be over the hill. But Cape Verde is 10 islands only 9 witches are inhabited. We were on SAL a great place to swim, snorkel/diving, fishing and relax. The SAL have nothing to show except the fantastic beaches and fish live. I have not been any places where you can meet 20 or more different fish in 15 min snorkeling an quite big fish (> 10 kg ) just 20 meters from the beaches. So for us it was a quite fantastic experience for the week we were there.

Good things:

Great beaches
Fantastic People nice, helpful and don` t cheat
Weather all year around between 20-28 degrees
No rain only 2 cm a year
Only 2 hours different in the time plan -2 hours Cannes/Paris
No poison animals
Fantastic if you are windsurfing/kite or just surfing (one of the best places in the world)
Fantastic Big game fishing( again one of the best places in the world for Blue Marlin)
Great food and rom :o)

Bad things

It is always windy (not cold)
A lot off sand blowing when you laying on the beaches sometimes
Nothing to see (SAL)
Can’t drink the water ( Well I have no problem with that as I prefer WINE, ha ha )
Not cheap. Renting a fishing boat for 4 hours are 400€ wine in the supermarket are 7-16 € pr. Bottle

We did find Cape Verde a very nice place, and the people are great, and very happy, dancing all the  time no matter what they are doing .

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 5 years ago

Our cleaner is from Cap Verde, and it would be difficult to meet a more gentle and kind person.   If she is typical of her country, it is well worth a visit.

I have not visited myself, but plan to go there at some stage as I understand the Island is beautiful.  Not filled (as yet) with big name 5* hotels so you should be able to find somewhere comfortable and not too expensive.