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Chicken Pox

Posted by yjme-181229 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by nbay - 16 years ago

The vaccine is available for high risk children through the French Securité sociale. You should ask your french doctor as the situation may have changed, as it has done recently in the UK, where it is now available for high risk children and adults over 13 with no immunity.I saw that the vaccine cost 600 francs in france a couple of years ago.If you don't get any joy from your french doctor you might want to telephone your GP in the UK for advice or get someone to ask for you.

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Posted by Blondie-189560 - 16 years ago

Thanks. I have had the test in the UK and I am not immune to chicken pox. Would any GP here in France be able to give me the vaccine, or do I need to go to a specialist?


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Posted by nbay - 16 years ago

There is a test available to see if you have had chicken pox or been exposed to it or have natural immunity. Sometimes the symptoms are very mild and not recognised as chicken pox. You should ask you French doctor for advice about this.
The vaccine should be available in France but only to high risk patients eg adults over 13 who have no immunity to chicken pox and children with reduced disease immunity eg. leukemia, kidney disease, taking steroids.

At the moment the vaccine is not being considered as routine for children as there is a possibility that it will increase the number of cases of shingles. One theory is that repeated exposure to chicken pox through life reinforces immunity to shingles later in life. Also some doctors think Chicken pox exposure boosts the natural general immunity of the body to fight other diseases.


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Posted by angel-187474 - 16 years ago

Blondie ... I just continued the search in French and found a site saying a vaccine exists and is available in Switzerland.  Then I found another site which implies many question marks around the 'so-called vaccine' which has not been thoroughly tested against placebos and there is not enough evidence to confirm it is not harmful, especially to children.

The internet connection has decided to slow down on me, and I'm a bit tired to go into translations.  But it sounds like you'd better do some wide research on this one before taking any jabs, as a quick glance shows some conflicting stories.

xxx A.

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Posted by angel-187474 - 16 years ago

Blondie - I just did a quick <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />UK web search and found this link which basically states no licenced vaccines currently available (in the UK) ... updated as of yesterday.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I well remember the chicken pox ... mother taped mitts to my hands so that I wouldn't give myself some nasty scars.  Thank goodness because I still have the scars on my knees of a wee bicycle accident I had at the same age!

Re shingles:     My darling Nan suffered the same malady - brought on immediately after old emotions resurfaced when her long lost son refound her after 40 years of absence.  (His father took off with him when he was 2 yrs old - they had simply vanished.)  I understand the re-appearance of this virus is often linked with stress.  So I wonder if daily yoga helps in the general healing process, amongst other things?  I'm a great believer in working on the whole being - mind, body and soul, rather than just going by a GP's synthetic prescriptions.  (Having said that last phrase - I have noticed this past decade that many GP's are leaning more towards 3-dimensional healing.)

A different illness found myself at a point where to pick up a cup of tea was an effort - lifting a pot of tea was simply painful.  After a year of this I had already lost my relationship and was close to loosing my job.  Out of desperation I booked myself into a certain health centre for an intensive couple of weeks where they basically had me doing the opposite of what my doctors had advised ... lots of exercise !  I broke down in tears of frustration often in the beginning and boy – I sooo wanted to walk out of there and quit!  Combined with that - they studied my blood tests, prescribed medicines combining both western and chinese theories, massages, more exercise (both strenuous and the likes of thai chi) and sauna every day, analysed and modified my diet and gave me counselling in many different forms.  I applied what I learned there to my daily life - within 6 months I was back on my feet again, stronger and fitter than ever before.  I wonder if they have similar centres here in France or England?  It was expensive - but it was the best money I've ever spent. 

I must admit that these last couple of years I have really lapsed (no exercise and rich diet) ... so my motivation levels - spiritually, mentally and physically, have noticeably dropped in comparison.  I have been yearning for a kick start - in other words, a good kick in the behind! 

Does anyone know of any health lodge/centres that do not cater primarily to the rich and famous Côte d'Azur players, and who combine both western and Chinese orthodox medicines?  Either here or England?

xxx angel


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Posted by Blondie-189560 - 16 years ago

Is there any updated information on a chicken pox vaccine? For example if a woman who has not had chicken pox wished to be vaccinated before any more pregnancies, is this possible in France?


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Posted by Runaway-182887 - 17 years ago


Thanks for that site too - not seen it before - wonder if my GP has..... according to the things I've read, it would appear that the vaccine is still in the trial stage and that guinea pigs have to be over 60 (even I'm not that old) and never had shingles....... oh well, I'll just keep taking the tablets then :0)


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Posted by Rachael-180533 - 17 years ago

Just for your interest, there is a web site not widely known to those outside the medical world, but  it has the most up to date information. It is known as Pub Med, and can always be found in a search engine through those words. What it is, is the publication of research, ie new drug trials new treatments etc.
For example with recurrent shingles, you could search and see if there have been any other factors involved that have shown up in recent research to exacerbate these viral attacks etc etc etc. Also it lists the authors and you may be able to get in touch with them and see if there are any new trials happening.
From this information it has been possible for me to find the doctors doing the trial and include a patients' husband on new drug trials for a specific cancer. Alternatively Runaway could have found out about the vaccine trial and attempted to be included, thus relieving her suffering by a few years?.


Hope you find this useful.


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Posted by brigitten - 17 years ago


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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

I've been out all afternoon in Cannes,secretly watching the initial preparations for Midem next week , so I can sneak in a back door of the Palais to see Kylie at the NRJ Music Awards !!

Sorry I'm late with my reply - its actually much simpler than you think !

Chaucer mentions it a Millars Tale ' begat fromft ye oh fratching chickenf ailf, left all if fundry afflict ' ! As its old English, you have to substitute the 's' for an 'f' to understand the phrase !

They thought the kids caught it from sculling around with chickens, hence the name !