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Dafour - Geonocide today and still carrying on?

Posted by marco_rossi - Created: 11 years ago
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Posted by marco_rossi - 11 years ago


Is your analysis correct?

Eygpt is asking for no action on Sudan for this genocide!

The French, UK and US governments are the only ones requesting UN peacekeepers to be sent.

It is all very much of a hipocracy! On one side Israel should be wiped of the map and on the other Sudan can carry on killing!!!!!!!!!

Related to the world war references you might want to remember the UK and US joined on France's side and for sure it was not a case of let Germany carry on the killings!

For the moment the message from Eygpt, Iran, Saudi Arabia is let Sudan carry on the killing, but we must punish the West (UK, Israel, US, France and......)

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Posted by gbexpat-216903 - 11 years ago

marco,if you read the attached link to my posting you will have seen that it is the Islamic radicals killing their own brothers as you say earlier.In Iraq,elsewhere they as well kill each other,and you are right there is no protest from the Islam community. Of course ther is a move by tolerent Muslim leaders in the UN to stop the killing,but they are all afraid on the Radicals. As for complaining in Europe,thats one thing,a UN force doing nothing is another. Was the Bosnia campaign the only real attempt at stopping genocide because it actually directly affected Europe.Besides which,you ,me and the rest know the Muslims have always killed more of their own than anyone else,a bit like the Christian wars of 14-18 and 39-45 were we killed each other like never before. Iran only cares for itself,using other conflicts only for its own purposes.

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Posted by marco_rossi - 11 years ago

No most of the dead are also of the same faith and the people doing the killing!

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Posted by jmroberts-180597 - 11 years ago

Isn'it the other way round? Nomadic/black villagers being wiped out by Islamic militants? Probably why no o..ne is making a big story about it.