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Is Michael Moore on the money ?

Posted by jackandjill-203710 - Created: 10 years ago
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Great video.

Haven't made up my mind about Michael Moore but I do think we need "inconvenient" people. They provide a public service and ask very tricky questions for all of us.

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Posted by trouble-224660 - 10 years ago

What ever his personal motives ....and I happen to like the guy. The message he delivers is potent and well worth the effort of watching it and certainly him working on it which nobody can deny.

This is my opinion of course.

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Posted by jackandjill-203710 - 10 years ago

Just saw SICKO.

It was very heart warming. I'm sure he makes the whole thing this total smaltz-fest but still he presents issues that need presenting.

So good on him.

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Posted by jackandjill-203710 - 10 years ago

That's what I think. Even if you disagree with him you still have to consider the issues he puts before you and, after all, NO-ONE else is doing it. Just, as you say, blah, blah, blah....

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Posted by cfischmann-195468 - 10 years ago

I think Michael Moore is great. And until he shows that he is not anymore, I will listen to the guy.To shock people in a provocative language is always healthy for our amnesied brains. It wakes up !...It's like a cold shower after having been blinded by all the b... bla,bla,bla.