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Posted by fugly-185614 - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by trouble-224660 - 10 years ago

Fugly thank you very much for starting this thread by quoting an article which named an extraodinary woman who has been very outspoken about her own personal experience with female genital mutilation: Waris Dirie is a well know model in the fashion industry.


Many women have helped highlight this monstrosity, and she is certainly not the only to have suffered and 'exploited' her suffering to 'inform the world', but I have chosen to read all but one of Waris Dirie's books and they have been inspiring, enlightening and educational. I recommend anyone to read them.




A woman who I respect, commend and thank for sharing her experience.

If you have the time and will, please read one of her books.

The first book I read of her is Desert Flower (which is what her name means).

Enjoy and enrich yourself with knowledge, then try to do your bit ...........Now, I know that sounds really patronising but from the bottom and surface of my heart I mean it, I truely do.

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Posted by fugly-185614 - 10 years ago

here is a charity link:http://www.womenaid.org/press/info/fgm/fgminfo.htmHere is an online newspaper where you can get some info, there is a 20,000 GBP rewrd for any info that can help the police stop this happening.http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/07/11/europe/EU-GEN-Britain-Female-Circumcision.php

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Posted by ouch that hurt-214958 - 10 years ago

there are several charites against this, (Google)there is one somali (?) model who is involved in raising funds for this, remember reading about her own atrocious, agonising experience

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Posted by fugly-185614 - 10 years ago

i didnt realise it happened in the uk!!I do a reasonable amount of charity work (I did the london to brighton bike ride last month to raise money for the british heart foundation), is there a charity that deals with this sort of thing that we can help?alternatively, can we get these people prosecuted, how do we find out where it is happening?

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Posted by Scattyperson-217253 - 10 years ago

So if the practice is illegal in the UK, what is the penalty? Have there been any prosecutions, even?

It's an horrific (primitive) practice, but will, in my opinion, only change over time through education- just as the binding of feet in China eventually stopped. It's not possible to stop it with a wave of a wand, unfortunately. In the meantime, yes, the UK, France- any country where the practice is not traditional- should prosecute to the maximum, & at least stop its spread from its original country.

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Posted by rosalinde - 10 years ago

Just had an email from my bro in the UK who's a doctor, he says he's just heard hundreds of illegal female genital mutilations are carried out there on very young girls. Surely this is where we can do something, giving the parents or those responsible a stiff prison sentence as they do in France.

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Posted by RJH-187583 - 10 years ago

It makes me think of the binding of the feet by girls' mothers and grandmothers so that they could be dainty and attractive to men.

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Posted by fugly-185614 - 10 years ago

It is going to take something immense to stop this, is it as simple as educating the people who do this? I wonder if it is, in the original link i posted it was the lady's mother who was holding her down. This seems to be a very deep rooted problem, that i fear is going to take some time to overcome.

I just find it heart wrenching that it still happens,

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Posted by pinball wizard - 10 years ago

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6291218.stm This is very good news,lets hope it will bring results.

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Posted by motherearth-207430 - 10 years ago

In fact, I was sent a petition about this by email a while ago and have just looked it out. It cites a recent example of a baby of a few months old being raped by 6 men in SA. If anyone would like to sign the petition, email me and I'll send it to you.xxx