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101 Dalmatian's

Posted by honeypot-276405 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by honeypot-276405 - 7 years ago

Thankyou very muchI will definetly have a long look at these websites

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Posted by danmc24 - 7 years ago

Here are some sites my friend used when he was looking for a French Bulldog breeder!!! Good luck finding your new little puppy!!!

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Posted by honeypot-276405 - 7 years ago

Thankyou for your reply I absolutly love refuge dogs,I think that all the pain they have been through is terrible, I did have a quick look at the website you sent me and Domino is GORGEOUS , he looks like a wonderfull animal and i dont know how anyone could hurt,abandom or give away an animal especially one like Domino deserves to have a happy life . But this time im thinking of being a puppy lover and although I would love to take an animal like Domino in I will actually be looking this time for a puppy ...Thankyoups:if you do know someone who breeds puppies than could you please inform me.

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Posted by samjam078-232062 - 7 years ago


If you scroll down, from the link to Carros refuge, there is a beautiful 3 year old male, pedigree Dalmatian looking for a forever home. He is called Domino and absolutely gorgeous, I saw him last week when I was dropping some bedding off. He is a really stunning animal.

Please think about the refuges before you go to a breeder.

Hope you find the perfect addition to your family.