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2 dogs found tied to a bench at a road-side rest area

Posted by Leslie Frasier-212797 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by KiKi1-884057 - 5 years ago


That's brilliant news, well done.

It's so heartbreaking to hear of tragedies like that.

Thank goodness there are people like you around who have a big heart!

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Posted by Leslie Frasier-212797 - 5 years ago

Just a quick note to say both dogs have found a solution.  Thank you for caring.  Having an animal charity I really hear and see a lot of these cases and it just makes me sick.  I wish I had time to write more about it but I've been running around with one animal emergency after another and I'm exhausted.

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Posted by sisi1 - 5 years ago

Hi Leslie, did you find a foster for the second dog? I forgot to ask you today..

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Posted by jduncan - 5 years ago

Unfortunately this problem is not restricted to France.  Battersea Dogs's Home in London was inundated with such cases during the summer months (when people decided they were not bothered to pay the required kennel fees while they went on holiday) and in the weeks after Christmas (unwanted presents).  It really is heartbreaking and there should be far stricter penalties for people that neglect or abandon animals (including an enforced, lifelong ban on owning animals again).

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Posted by cotedazurarts - 5 years ago

It's just disgusting the way this happens so much in this country.  Very recently a cartoon was drawn in a newspaper showing an Olympic style podium with France as the "gold medalist" for number one country that abandons dogs in just the fashion you describe.  Years ago I used to hear stories of dogs literally being thrown out of cars onto the motorways here and of course....well you can guess what happened poor darling things.  It is one of the more repellent aspects of this country.  I hope these dogs find love soon.  I would love to help but I already have my hands full with two goldens and three children.  The cowards that couldn't even be bothered to take them to an animal shelter....I hope karma pays them a visit very soon.

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Posted by house for rent-318030 - 5 years ago

Leslie, have typed in all the info but can't see a photo of the dogs. How can anybody stoope so low, hope they both find a nice home as you know what happens when they go to the dog pound..... So sorry can't take one in but with 4 dogs and 13 cats, house is full.