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Aggressive black female puddy...what to do?

Posted by Cathouse-290059 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Leslie Frasier-212797 - 7 years ago

I would have a cat euthanized before putting her in a refuge where she'll be stressed out living in a large cage with other cats.  Sickness or aggressivity are very valid reasons for putting a cat to sleep.  If I have a foster home available sometimes I give agressive cats a chance providing they aren't agressive with humans, but alas, I have a long list of non-agressive cats waiting for a foster home!  I've tried taking in agressive cats before and usually end up having them euthanized.  BUT having said that, I have a couple of cats that are agressive with some of the other cats and everyone just puts up with it and many times it sorts itself out. 

Good luck.


Les Chats du Mercantour (Association N° 0062027452)

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Posted by molly57 - 7 years ago

Just to make this thread clear, Cathouse has helped strays many many many etc times and knows an awful lot about cats and their behaviour and has been doing everything to make this aggressive black female settle down.  The time spent with Cathouse has already had success in making her more trusting and  friendly with people. Cathouse already knows of the work that Tania and Leslie do and has already been in contact with Tania about another animal that she is trying to help.  Cathouse  knows that this cat needs to be in a one cat home as she is driving the other pets away, but finding a one cat home is more difficult than writing about it.

Read this post through and it is clear the depth of thought that is going into the life of this cat and a decision to put her in a refuge is as difficult as deciding whether it is kinder to put her to sleep.

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Posted by Pilz - 7 years ago

This post is making me cry, please please do not put her to sleep, if you decide that is your only option email me and I will collect the kitty. Leslie Frasier and Tanya Burrows are well known for rescuing any cat of any age, I adopted an aggressive cat and an old lady cat,12, from them and both are adorable now, they just need the right environment. Please look at this site about their refuge this is the contact page http://www.leschatsdumercantour.com/fr/nous-contacter they will not judge you and will know you have all the cats best interest at heart.


Perhaps kitty needs to be in a 1 cat household and will become completely different, my aggressive cat took a while to settle in but is now very affectionate with me. I understand your other kitties take priority but please contact these lovely ladies and they will collect kitty and look after until the right home is found. Feel free to message me for any othet info or help.

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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago

Hello FVO,

Re: microchipping, please see the discussion thread in Pets and Animals on the 'Petition' for obligatory sterilisation of domestic cats.  The subject of microchipping is discussed at some length here.

If we'd microchipped all animals that passed through our door over the years, we'd have some 50-60 animals chipped at our address, not practical, nor can we afford it.  Chipping is reserved for our own animals.

You've been lucky with homing animals.  We've homed all of 3 adult cats and two kittens in years, greater success with dogs.  I'm now looking to home our 3 'kittens' - now 5 months old - in the UK.  Our black girl will go to the best refuge we can find.  Our days for helping strays is coming to an end.

With your own cats, don't forget, when problems occur, to follow the philosophy that 'last in is first out'.....

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Posted by fvo-205381 - 7 years ago

So glad to hear that she's clear of potentially fatal disease. It might sound obvious, but have you advertised her on the Riviera and Provence forums? Now you know she's clear, someone might be happy to take her on.

I've had great success with rehoming older cats (not mine, I hasten to add) in the past, plus was able to find excellent loving homes for my kittens by just posting on someone else's post. You'll need to have her microchipped if she isn't already in order to advertise her on these pages.

Having had cats that get on together all my life, I'm now in the position of having 4 cats that don't, and Felway does nothing to help. It is stressful, and I'm considering rehoming the first cat because she's forced to live in the bathroom. Her son just about copes but is attacked when we're not looking. The culprits are the two non-neutered pedigree cats, one of whom the father and ex-mate respectively of the 2 timid cats), both absolutely gorgeous and friendly to us, but they don't want the sterilised cats anywhere near them.

I'm still hoping to have a litter or two from these cats (just had the disappointment of a phantom pregnancy) so neutering them isn't yet an option. And I absolutely adore them all, of course!

I wish you the very best of luck, so good that you've looked after abandoned cats alongside your own.

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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago

As a postscript.... We finally caught our black girl on Sunday night and got her to the vet, at last. Partner simply picked her up and put her in a big, travel box, a big surprise.   Not a scratch or bite on him anywhere. We drove to the vet feeling like murderers, black puddy meanwhile howling out loud.

We left the decision as to whether she was put to sleep to kismet.  If she showed up with any disease or serious infection then that was it, euthanasia.   At 7.00pm on a Sunday night the vet was operating on a number of hunting dogs torn to bits, (another subject that makes my stomach turn), vet was understandably stressed out, so we left black cat there overnight. She weighed in at more than 6 kilos, one big cat!

Three hours later we got a call, black cat is free of all disease, FIV/FeLV neg., heart, lung, kidney, liver function all good.  Relief. She's wheezing a bit, with an ulcer on her tongue, so 'flu type virus suspected, antibiotic and ant-iinflammatory shots will sort this out I gather, although she's missing most of her teeth which is odd, she's aged from 5-8 years.   She's otherwise fine so she came home and is resting up on a nest in the downstairs bathroom for today, a rainy day. 

So we're now firmly thinking of Lourges, that is worth investigating, I hear Flayosc is good too. She needs a good and caring home. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, it's been a great help.

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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago


Yes, that might be a help, certainly we could investigate the home further, she's a survivor and she doesn't attack all cats, only the 'weaklings', as she sees it.  She has every respect for our 22 week old 'kittens' and their mum.  The kitties ambush her and enjoy her hiss and spit but she walks away, sulking, so no aggression there.

I found her playing with the kittens growly rat toy, on the front door mat yesterday, I took a good look at her thick, glossy black coat and clear eyes, although she does have a cough, she's otherwise brimming with health, so it appears.  So we continue to feel bad at putting her to sleep.

We lock the catflap at night now and keep our boys in so that's easing the situation but we have to watch every second during the day. Exhausting stuff. 

Many thanks, please send details of the rescue in Lourges and we'll follow it up, we're in the Var, maybe an hour or so away so it might be worth visiting. I'm not happy with the way the French throw all cats in together in many of these cat refuges but we'll see. It might be the way to go.  Thank you, Cathouse.

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Posted by nannywanted - 7 years ago

Hi there


Not sure where you are, but there is an association near Lourges in the Var which rehomes cats. We got one from them ( a very aggressive large black male) who unfortunately had to go back as we had a similar situation to yours. The cats were well looked after tho. If you are interested I can try and find their details.


Good luck.

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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago

Hello Job,

Yes, this is the main problem, our own family must come first and they've been terrorised for too long.  We've not been able to have the black girl tested for disease so that worries me too, we just can't catch or trap her.  I think a tranqillizer is the only option.  My partner is the one who's holding out on putting her to sleep so I've got to talk him round.  Our boys must come first and they're suffering.

For any future strays that test positive for FIV, as long as they're opped and not aggressive, not biters, (a gentle soul), then there's ususally no need to put them to sleep.  They can have years of quality life. Our vets refuse to put a FIV+ cat to sleep unless it's a trouble maker so vets vary on this regard too.  I'm afraid I always ask that FeLV+ cats, (with the cat leukaemia virus), are put to sleep because it's so contagious and most cats are not vaccinated here. 

Anyway, it's now a case of talking my partner around, the fact our boys can no longer enjoy time outside gardening or walking with us is serious, as are the health worries.  One's own family must come first.

Good wishes,

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Posted by job-212223 - 7 years ago

Retracting on my last thread, if my cats were becoming ill because of the stray, I know who would take priority, my own. I took in a stray and took it to the vets for castration, he ran the blood tests and said he had feline aids, then asked me if I wanted him put to sleep. I couldn't say the words and felt awful and said to him what would he do. He made my mind up immediately and said if he bit one of my own negative cats they would become infected. The choice, although really hard was made up for me, I felt like a murderer and my boyfriend never forgave me and said we should have put him out in the wild.

I really feel for you and have some idea of what you're going through. I am sure you would feel relieved if this was all over and it ended today. Just depends if you can do the deed then think to yourself you did it to protect your own cats. As you say your boy is now unwell due this and I am sure you are extremely protective over your own as I am.

Good luck with what ever choice you make.