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cat bites tail...

Posted by karenp-199288 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by karenp-199288 - 5 years ago

Hi there, no my cat has lived here for the last 8 years and nothing has changed recently....very odd, I've just given her another treatment for fleas, maybe this will be the answer, her tale isnt bleeding anymore and she doesnt seem to be having her little fits as much...I'm just hoping its a passing thing.....other than these symptoms she's her normally self.

Many thanks for replying to my message :-))


kind regards karen

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Posted by jduncan - 5 years ago

Hi.  Has there been some change in your cat's life (e.g. recent house move, new addition to the family)?  I wonder whether it could be a stress-triggered behavior.  When I first adopted my previously abused dog, he spent hours and hours licking his paws - a coping mechanism he used in previously stressful surroundings.  After a few weeks with us, this behaviour ceased.  Horses also frequently exhibit seemingly inexplicable behaviour (crib-biting, weaving) as a stress-coping mechanism.  This is just an hypothesis, but I wish you luck getting to the bottom of it.