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Cats and memory?

Posted by LouiseLL - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by LouiseLL - 5 years ago

The alien smells are probably indeed the reason. One cat is back to normal, the other is still a little strange but getting better! Thanks for all the feedback.

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Posted by selkie-187145 - 5 years ago

I agree with the suggestion that the cats are upset and that maybe the hospital related smell is affecting them

I highly recommend Feliway spray or diffuser to prevent cats stressing out - you can buy it from pet shops or online.

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Posted by forrentingrasse - 5 years ago

I had a cat who went missing for 6 months once and knew our house really well the night he came back. He certainly had a good memory, so the theory about the new smells sounds plausible.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

probably means she has a hospitally smell about her that bothers their sense of smell rather than alzheimers cats!
maybe she has medication which subtly changes her smell, or just needs to get back into hernormal environment for the cats to be reassured about who she is

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Posted by GAnthony - 5 years ago

More likely, I think both cats a suffering from change. Cats are very good at what they do (hunting etc) but rather less flexible where social behaviour is concerned. When your mother went into hospital and you took-over, the cats must have been puzzled and a bit frightened. You may not have noticed anything. Now suddenly your mother is back, and they must again be worried at the change. Given a bit more time, they will adapt to the new situation. Make sure that your mother is the only one who feeds them, and eventually they will grow to accept the new situation as normal. Perhaps not so much a case of short memory, but just the time it takes individual animals to adapt to new situations. Good luck.