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Cats and mice and birds and more!

Posted by LouiseLL - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by brina-308292 - 6 years ago
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Posted by LouiseLL - 6 years ago

My conclusion to all your responses is to just grin and bear it! Yes, I do try to thank them for their kind offerings but it's sometimes done with gritted teeth!!

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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 6 years ago

Only one of our three cats is a hunter and like your household, we're getting offerings nearly every day at the moment, which is horrible but normal for cats. Our 'Felix' type black and white boy is a torturer and heads upstairs to the torture chamber, (my big shower), to deal with his victims. We find most of the victims are still alive, so if we get there in time we can save them......we've made an assortment of rat, mouse and bird rescue boxes, mostly from tissue or similar sized boxes, with masking tape and various sized openings so we can chase or place the victims inside and free them outside. Our boy thinks it's all part of the game and that we're joining in having fun too!

Our kind lady vet is always concerned that her cat's victims are going to develop sceptcemia (sp?) so she gives mice, rats or birds a dose of antibiotic!

Big birds I've had to take to the vet to put to sleep if they're badly injured, somehow he gets pigeons and tourterelles through the catflap. In March he bought me a large rat which got free, shot across the sitting room, under the coffee table and straight up my leg, I froze. Husband grabbed a rat rescue box, and we persuaded him into that.....he was barely hurt so we set him free outside into a wall of terrace stones to hide, but that gave me quite a fright. I'm not keen on rats, even the nicer country rats, crawling up my leg!

I must say we're getting fed up with it.....and no, having lost one cat with collar to a dog attack and another cat to a fox attack, I won't put collars on outside cats either, I've often seen a front paw trapped in the collar.....I think they're a death sentence to outside cats so we microchip them if they ever go astray.

We do try to congratulate our boy on his trophies but it's always done with some reluctance....not something we like either but that's cats!!

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Posted by Ba&Ke - 6 years ago

I'm wary of collars on outdoor cats. I know of two cats who got tangled up with tree branches, one of them hanged himself.

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Posted by granapadano - 6 years ago

My suggestion is it put a bell on your cats collar. At least any bird or small animal has a chance to escape when it hears a bell coming.

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Posted by ruptoor - 6 years ago

It's a sign of thanks,trying to give back what you have given to them...Fact

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Posted by Mian - 6 years ago

What you should do is pat the cat on the head and praise her for the good job - its her contribution to the household.

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Posted by job-212223 - 6 years ago

I'm afraid this it what cats do! When I lived in the uk my cats brought every type of creature in that they could fit through the cat flap, including hare's and rabbits that were bigger than them. I had bats flying around the house and all sorts of rodents hidden in corners of the lounge and inside my bed covers!!!!! Now we are in France they still hunt but mainly those little lizards. My two are 17 years old now and still excellent hunters, sorry but its something they don't really grow out of. Just close your eyes and pick up the remains!!!!!!!!