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cheap dog passports

Posted by livvy-231575 - Created: 10 years ago
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does anyone know where you can get cheap dog passports?


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Posted by Charmed-214764 - 10 years ago


I'm just going through this at the moment for my little one. I now have the results of his blood test and all is fine and he will be ready to travel in March 2008 - my question now is, what airlines take dogs, especially for travel to UK and Ireland and also what is the process, i.e. are the dogs knocked out and generally how are they treated? Grateful for advice.


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Posted by boucherp1-212844 - 10 years ago


it is an EU regulation now that all canines must have a passport, regardless, and this replaces the carnet de sante. you get it at the vet's when your litter or dogs are vaccinated. unfortunately there is no such thing as a "cheap" passport, but different vets may charge different prices. good luck with your dogs/ puppies.

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Posted by HH-206256 - 10 years ago

Hi Livvy

Where do you want to go with your Dog?

If it's more local - Italy, Spain etc..... you don't need a separate Dog Passport. His/her medical book showing up to date vaccines and rabies shots should suffice.

If you wish to travel to the UK then you will need a dog passport. These will be provided by your vet after the results of a blood test to make sure that they are covered for rabies. This test costs around 80E. 6 months after the positive result your pet passport becomes valid and you're free to travel.

Each time you travel you will need to have your dog treated for worms and frontlined by a vet. You must then enter the UK after at least 24 hours but not exceeding 48 hours.

Good luck.

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Posted by kalinka - 10 years ago

The canine passport replaces the carnet de santé and you get it from your vet. I don't understand your wanting a "cheap" passport.