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Dog found - Montauroux, Fayence region

Posted by Cathouse-290059 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for letting us know.  I'll try to contact a couple of people to help directly.  

In the meantime could you possibly take the two dogs to the 24H vets, below Montauroux on the Plaine, the main road, they're called the L'Occitane vets, near the bakers with neon lights called Le Moulin des Saveurs.  It's not hard to find, you can see the vets from the road. 

I'll ask L'Armaf, the President, to cover all costs.  Do you speak fluent French, I'd put you in touch with him directly if so.  Sadly we don't have a refuge in the area and Le Muy is the closest, not one we'd recommend.  I think it's a case of asking Tania Burrows if she could find a foster home on her circuit, she does so much to help dogs throughout and has many contacts.  I'll meanwhile speak to others I know although they're all fostering at the moment. 

There are better refuges to consider but I'd leave this to Tania to decide I think. 

Could you email me your phone no. and we'll call L'Arpaf to cover the costs.

Best wishes and thanks for letting us know, Cathouse.  Please email me directly as soon as you can.

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Posted by Sarah Buddin - 7 years ago



Sorry to reply ot this but I as it was montauroux and you mentioned a 24h vet, I thought I would take a chance!! We live in a small domain in Tourrettes and the neighbours have moved - leaving 2 dogs. One of which is very ill - emmaciated and can hardly stand up. The owner comes back to feed in morning and evening but is not taking them. I called the police municipal yesterday but they didn't come. There has been a dispute with the owner of the house which they rented as they haven't paid the rent .... they have left various items in the garden so it looks like they are coming back  -  I know they have moved. I am not a dog lover as such, but this is making me very angry - I don't know who to go to next... there used to be a refuge in Fayence, but I believe it has closed.

Please help ifyou can - the dog who is ill will not last the next few days...... and it is cold at night now!

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Posted by ruptoor - 7 years ago

Brilliant ending

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Posted by sisi1 - 7 years ago

A happy ending, pfew!

Great advice Cathouse!

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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago

Finally, through Europenet.com, an English organisation tracked down the owners to this dog, originally based in Switzerland but now living in Aix en Provence and finally they were contacted and the dog went home. He was lost near Callian, Fayence region, in the Var.

A reminder to all animal owners, please update your microchip or tattoo address details if you and your animal move addresses.

Also if you lose a dog (or cat) when visiting an area, please notify as many vets in the area as possible and the local Police Municipale. It took two weeks to trace this dog's owner and involved a lot of people across Europe, not to mention expense carried by the vets in Montauroux since the dog was unwell with a tumour and needed the best of care. Had the dog gone to a Government sponsored refuge it would have been put straight to sleep since he is not in the best of heatlh.

Please keep your pet's ID address details up to date. It's worth the effort. Report a lost animal to the local vet.