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dog kennel Aventure ?

Posted by melandave - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by petre-287652 - 8 years ago

I used the kennels once a couple of years ago and was not impressed when i collected my dogs. They were stinking of urine, they only spent a weekend, they had misplaced a plastic bed i had left for my dogs-it was in someone elses kennel. My 10kg bag of food was nearly finished dispite my small dogs only having small meals compared to the bag of food.
When i arrived at home, the drive was hard due to their smell, they were desparate for a drink and drank for ages, then one had gastro for the next few days and had to have vet treatment.
I have heard its changed owners though so hopefully it has improved.I would recommend one called Pooh Corner near La Turbie.

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Posted by KAdams - 8 years ago

I was advised by our dog trainer and our vet that they have a very bad reputation.Maybe ask your vet if they can recommend anywhere?Good luck...

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Posted by megan996-208124 - 8 years ago

i used it when it was Lady Noire.not impressed, i attended one of their training classes, where the owner has no qualms about kicking dogs to make them behave and yanking on choke chains.i would not recoomend thisplace if it is under the same ownership.

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Posted by dme - 8 years ago

My two large dogs stayed there for 12 days and were very well looked after. I even received a text message to let me know they were doing well. Very clean place.

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Posted by Sevilliana - 8 years ago

Hi, I keep my horse next to that kennels, and I must tell you what a bad reputation it has, the owner of the stables rescued a horse from there that theyed starved, and generally badly treated, I've been told they tape the dogs noses to stop them barking, don't go there!! I can give you another kennels just up the road from there, the womam I know, and the dogs are treated like long lost friends - Odette 0650716467 not sure that she speaks inglish, best of luck!!


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Posted by melandave - 8 years ago

Thanks Hermosabeach. I will visit them, but it is good to have 'inside knowledge' also.

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Posted by hermosabeach - 8 years ago

From what I understand, it is the same owner. However, I have not used them. As with any kennel, I highly recommend getting as much information as possible and visiting the site to make sure it is the right fit for your dog.