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dog sitting rate

Posted by azurian - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Garonne - 7 years ago

I couldn't agree more.  I asked the owner of my latest canine arrival's Mummy who lives a short distance from me to have her and my other dog at his own home when we went on holiday for a week because she was only 16 weeks old and I thought she'd be stressed at the kennels.  I also asked him to feed my cats twice a day whilst walking the dogs (which he does 4, 5, 6 times a day and literally passes by my house).

As a gesture, I gave him 100 euros which he tried to refuse but it was a fraction of what the kennels would have cost me and my little girl, sorry Berger Belge Cross puppy, had a lovely holiday and so did we, knowing all our pets were being well cared for by someone they and we knew and trusted.  I did not feel I was paying someone to work on the black because this was towards their board and lodgings.

As previously asked, will you be looking after the dog 24/7 in their or your home or just popping in to water and feed it and take it for walks? Whatever, do it as an act of kindness.  You never know when you'll need to ask for a favour from them.

My son was rushed to hospital recently and I had no hesitation to literally drop both dogs off at my friend's knowing that he would gladly help out.

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Posted by Globalestatemgt-306921 - 7 years ago

Are you staying in their home?  Is the dog coming to your place?  Or are you just stopping by twice a day and spending at least one hour each time with the dog?

I paid my neighbor's daughter 100 euros for a week.  She walked my dog with hers 3 times a day for maybe 15-30 mins each.  Sometimes longer for a play session.  I would say 5 euros a walk, 2 walk min.  You can increase the rate, if you plan extensive outtings with the dog.  But you know, dogsitting is a pleasure and I do it for free for my friends and neighbors.  Many sites are available for free exchange of housing for pet sitting, so charging too much for something that some people love to do, it iffy.  You must be a dog lover first of all too.  The dog needs more than a quick walk to pee and poo...he/she needs attention and affection as well.  Remember, she may have some separation anxiety as well at first.

Good luck and enjoy!