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English Bulldog/Pug

Posted by Lerouret - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by jil-234041 - 7 years ago

I am in total agreement also. Breeding needs to be stopped....it's gone too far and there are millions of dogs per year ....even puppies... euthanased because no one wants them. As you say Tania...Horrifying!! What ARE we doing??

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Posted by taniaburrows-262139 - 7 years ago

I totally agree with you. In fact it's worse than what we think and than what it looks like... Since I entered this "world", I must say I am horrified of what "nice" petshops hide...
It is important to only opt for adoption or for an ethical family breeder.
A lot of pure breed dogs we have come across have developped big health problems and behavioural issues, and these all came from petshops = puppy farms.

It is important to be aware, and talk about it.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


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Posted by granapadano - 7 years ago

Do NOT buy from pet stores...They support the puppy farming trade which is hideous. I have heard nothing but sad stories about pups bought at pet stores with poor health, leading to HUGE vet bills. Find a good breeder- do your research. Or adopt, which is probably the nicest thing a person can do. Tania Burrows comes highly recommended.
Good luck and I hope you find the best dog for you.

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Posted by taniaburrows-262139 - 7 years ago


I am part of Rescue English Bulldog, and Rescue Pug. These 2 breeds are very different in personality though...

If you are still interested, you can contact me and I will tell you the procedure to follow.

There are many abanoned and/or abused pugs and English Bulldogs. Please, choose to adopt and not to buy. Breeders in our Region are all smugglers and own pet farms...

You must also know that in most cases, these breeds have a very fragile health. Owners often end up putting quite a lot of money in vet follow ups...


Tania Burrows

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Posted by Polly Ester - 7 years ago

Here is a link to her site and the lovely dogs, all looking for a home.
Good luck!

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Posted by jil-234041 - 7 years ago

Yes ,Tania has some beauties!! Go there.....Good luck

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Posted by musky-211885 - 7 years ago

I saw this ad that Tania has posted for Pugs