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Feral Cat needs neutering

Posted by stickyliv - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by karen fraser-277487 - 4 years ago


I took a stray wild cat to the spa they would not take the cat in, but they sent me to the spa clinic in cannes who spayed the cat for free, i then had to collect it and re release it back into the nature. I have not seen it since but at least it cant reproduce! the most difficult part was catching it.

good luck

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Posted by Leslie Frasier-212797 - 4 years ago

Where do you live?  Yes, you definitely have to have her spayed.  A female cat usually has 2 to 3 litters per year. 

Les Chats du Mercantour (Association N° 0062027452)

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Posted by Ajna06 - 4 years ago

Hi, one important question : where do you live, where are there to be caught to be neutered ?


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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 4 years ago

Contact Leslie Frazer at les chats de mercantour, she will tell you about traps & vouchers for vets & all that for sterilising a stay cat

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Posted by charlottenovitz-654670 - 4 years ago

Try taking her to the closest SPCA.

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Posted by appletrees-321263 - 4 years ago

Sorry not to be able to help - but have a similar problem. I got so far as realizing a "cat trap" is required - not a travel box, as found it impossible to put even our most docile ferile cat in it. The vet only had travel boxes - nothing free in our area!! Watch out for the increasing cost in cat food! Lesley will no doubt try to advise you on this site soon.