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Fireworks and Dogs

Posted by june rose 66 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago

Yes, isn't this sad. The old refuge at Fayence, now long gone, used to fill up after each set of fireworks and major thunderstorms, so many dogs just run from home in a panic at the noise. The pompier would bring them in, one by one. The truly frantic dogs were given a tranquilliser.
We picked up one old female border collie in a ditch below our village last year after several severe thunderstorms....she'd run some 15 kilometres from home, overnight, despite being old, with arthritic hips. She was starving and exhausted. Fortunately our vet found her proprietaire and after a good meal and de-flams she was happily reunited with her tearful owner.Please be on the lookout for strays after fireworks or big storms, they look clearly lost and food will encourage them into the car to get to a vet.
Please remember to microchip your animal, it's so much easier to find their homes if they're chipped.