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Help...advice for flying with our dog to HK.

Posted by Stillhere-229345 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Stillhere-229345 - 4 years ago

Thank you all so very much,


I have had some very encouraging e-mails and so my mind is less of a whirlwind.

I am in Hong Kong at the moment but will contact you when i rerurn if I may.

Truely appreciate the help............wonderful peolpe !!!!!.

Kindest regards.



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Posted by paulmonaco - 4 years ago

I,ve actually done thsi in reverse from Hong Kong to Monaco. We have a two year old lab and we came over last December. We looked at several airlines and the two best options were KLM HK-> Amsterdam -> Nice and Lufthansa via Frankfurt. In the end we went with KLM and the whole process was very easy coming this way and our lab was in good shape when we picked her up at customs in Nice. 

Lufthansa is quite a good option as they have a very good animal transfer centre there, but the way our flight times worked made KLM the better choice.  Other option is Emirates but we were recommended not to do that by a vet in HK as it can get very hot in Dubai and there is a lot fo transiting and dogs can get stressed there. 

Couple of things we were told by HK vet, do not give any drug/seditive to the dog, give them good walk the day they travel , throw a coulpe of toys in and a smelly t shirt or such.


We were very woried about ours, but it was a very painless experience and our lab came through it with flying colurs. Other point is we sent her as cargo, it is more expensive, but if you take as baggage there is a lot of work to do collecting dog at transit airport and cehcking them back in.

if you need a good vet reference in HK let me knwo as we used a great group of vets who were mainly south african and come highly recommended



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Posted by belamica-188434 - 4 years ago

Contact Claudia at claudiasxm@gmail, she had a similar problem taking her 2 dogs and 1 cat from Nice to Capetown last year.  She had all kinds of nightmares, finally got everything solved via some "terrific lady" who was extremely helpful (worked for Swiss, I think, but am not sure).  Tell her I recommended her. Good luck. 

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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 4 years ago

I contacted a friend in Cyprus on your posting, she has flown thousands of animals across the world, for army and expat families and she knows it all, (although not details of flying from the Riviera of course). 

She says:

"I don’t think anyone will fly a dog in the cabin for that length of time.   You can’t stop them wanting to spend a penny – or anything else – it’s too far.   I’ve flown dogs from here to Aussie – in the hold and they have arrived perfectly alright.  OK it would be nice to have your animal with you – but hey – what about the 34 dogs to Thailand  - via Kuwait and not one of them arrived any the worse for it.  Rx"

 To add to his, we flew our cats back to France, via Paris, in the cabin with us.  They were terrified all the way, the flight was packed full so we had them both, in travel cases, on our laps which was a nightmare.  They weren't reassured by us at all and I think they'd have been better in the hold with a bigger carrying crate with newspaper at the base and a thick towel over the newspaper.  One word of advice is to Never tranquilise an animal for flying, they cope much better fully conscious, those that do badly have been drugged.   My friend in Cyprus has never had a problem with a reliable airline. 

I'd fly your dog from London to Hong Kong, the major airlines will do it often.