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Help needed for dog training!

Posted by Kelly Scott - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by jil-234041 - 6 years ago

www.noahsarkessences.com Rosi creates essences from plants and crystals. She cured my Dachshund of a similar problem and Epilepsy!!! I am convinced she could make a big difference. You can contact her personally from the site I think. Jil

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Posted by Carolina1 - 6 years ago

I can recommend Victoria James a dog behaviourist. 06 89 19 50 88See her advert on this websiteI have all the Milan books etc but sometimes you can't do it on your own.Victoria is positive, kind and supportive. she also rehabilitates and rehouses abandoned dogs.She does some individual work and then has groups. One of the dogs in the group growls at people and dogs.Good LuckCarolina

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Posted by Bark to the Future - 6 years ago


I would advise you to buy the 2nd book of ceasar Milan (dogwisperer),
Name of the book is ceasar leader of the pack.
It will give you a good look on dogpsycology.
Cause I agree with previous writer.
Your dog is suffering feeling the need to be the leader in your house, cause other people in the house do not take that role.
Very interesting and challanging to turn your dog into a follower!
Lots to learn, Good luck!

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Posted by Silverlining-318337 - 6 years ago

Hi Kelly,

Sounds like your dog has a 'percieved place in the pack' problem. He clearly see's himself as being the number one, as opposed to you guys being in charge. He has no checks or bounderies so he is realy getting out of hand too. This could lead to super agressive behaviour down the line so now is a good time to get it in check. Remember dogs have a pack, not a family. They are canine and not human regardless of how we see them. His role is to protect you guys and he is doing his job. Actually, a very good job too. The problem is the guy is taking it too serious and is also stressed out by the job and by allowing him to continue on the road he is going you are actually encouraging the agressive side of his nature. Therefore, the problem is not the dog. It belongs to the three of you guys. You cannot blame the dog. I know as I did the same to my horses and dogs until I learned how to work with animals and to speak THEIR language too. You need to be the pack leaders and to reduce his 'percieved' responsibility, control and stress problems. We had a similar situation the last time that we were on the riveria. My friend had a dog that caused her so many problems that she was asked to either leave the building or get rid of her dog by the managment company. Natrually, neither solution was agreeable. I took the dog from her on a daily basis for two months as I work from home (two months is the time it takes- three if possible) again only while she was at work. I set about retraining both parties and by setting the rules of the pack. After a three month period of working on the owner first, then the dog the situation improved dramatically. The pack hierarchy changed over that period time and the dog eventually accepted this situation and changed his habits natrually. This meant that she was NEVER again allowed to walk through a door in front of any of her pack, she STOPPED barking and she eventually became more relaxed and ok with being left alone. We went as far as retraining her to learn that being left alone was not a negatvie experience and that it had its benifits. I have a good trick here. I believe that you can change your and your dogs attitude and therefore behaviour but it will take dedication, constant reinforcement and time. There is no short term solution to your problem. There is a solution however. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you guys will work through it. I leave you with a thought. There is no such thing as a difficult dog - just inexperienced owners. I mean this in the best possible way. I know because I was one and have taken the interest and time to learn how to take care of my animals's welfare properly - and by that I also mean their emotional welfare.

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Posted by granapadano - 6 years ago

Get in touch with Victoria James (you can find her on the Anglo site). She is great!

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Posted by KAdams - 6 years ago

Hi Kelly, Where abouts are you based? We work with a marvellous dog educator in the Grasse area - she only speaks french (very fast!) but let me know if this is of interest to you....Try watching The Dog Whisperer (Nat Geo Wild) or getting one of his videos from Amazon - Cesar Millan is incredible & will certainly cover the issues you have in one of his programmes.
Hope this helps!

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Posted by Kelly Scott - 6 years ago

Thank you to all that have replied! Glad to know I'm not alone!He has been neutered a year ago now but not made much difference to the guarding of things and aggression. We just want to be able to leave him alone and him like it! Also to stop the aggression too as not good snapping at my partner and going for him and me on some occasions. Please keep the suggestions coming! Many thanks Kelly :)

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Posted by Kelly Scott - 6 years ago

Thank you I shall have a read! Kelly :)

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Posted by Violetrose - 6 years ago

Hi Kelly,

We had a Llasa also and he was fine with another little dog; in fact for a while we had 3 small dogs! He seems to need company like a Coton de tulear that we have now so we have also a bichon. Our bichon also attacks people who get in the lift with us who are carrying large shopping bags or bin bags (we live in an apartment) its really embarrassing because some people get scared; others just laugh it off but I know I have to keep firmly hold of the lead... Next time I visit our vet for dog biscuits I will ask her as its a fairly new thing the bichon has started (she is 7 years old).

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Posted by WizardofOz-226715 - 6 years ago

and this one's great if you can do it!