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Help with Traumatised Puppy

Posted by jen-182151 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by curiosjersey - 8 years ago

Distractions are always a good way to take their mind off being scared. I would take a squeaky toy with you and make it playful for him

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Posted by gers2011 - 8 years ago

I would suggest you leave the pup to overcome his/her trauma her/hiself,mollycoddeling the pup will only lead to a state of attention seeking

Let the pup have peace,don't force it to do what it doesn't want to do.the pup will come round

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Posted by IncaDog - 8 years ago

Sounds to me that you really just need to keep doing the normal thing and the biggest influence on the pup will be the older wiser dog who by the sound of it is doing all the right things to reassure the pup that everything is ok. good luck, will look out for you as we have a new pup as well.....

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Posted by jen-182151 - 8 years ago

Thanks all for your kind responses.

He seems to be doing a little better everyday, I took him for a very short walk outside of our garden this morning and when we came close to traffic although he quivered and tried to stop a couple of times he did get through it (yesterday he turned around and tried to go home...). I rewarded him with a little biscuit given to me by the vets and tried not to pander to him too much. My other dog just carries on as normal, turning round a little impatiently every time we have to stop for the pup, but then he licks him and encouages him to carry on! very cute!

I'm not sure a crate is even necessary as he seems very content at home and in our garden... he sunbathes, chases cats and plays with the other dog, so it's mainly outside our home that seems to be frightening for him.

I'll take all advise onboard, be patient and am sure he will build up his confidence in time.

Thanks again! :)

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Posted by granapadano - 8 years ago

Despite what you have been advised, I stongly agree with crate training as an aid to help a anxious and fearfull puppy. He will naturally be looking for a safe place (i.e a den) to hang out in and this would be his "safe" place.

Most animal behaviourist recommend crate training your puppy. It is not cruel. It is however cruel if they are locked in there for more then 5 hours and if the crate is too small! But, hey it all comes down to common sense.

Good luck and I am sure in no time your pup would have gained his conidence back. He is lucky to have such a caring owner.

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Posted by country mouse-238404 - 8 years ago

There has been some good advice given from the AI members. I would recommend crating and bringing your other dog along, don't fuss over him when he is afraid. It takes time, time and lots of patience, but don't despair..your pup can get through this. Good luck

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Posted by Polly Ester - 8 years ago

I would suggest that you contact a professional.
Victoria James is perfect to help you and more importantly your puppy. She already works with rescued animals who have been badly abused and traumatised.
A lovely lady dedicated to animals.

Good luck!Janie

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Posted by ElisabethS-312696 - 8 years ago

I would try to help him overcome his fear without crate or antistress medication if possible. He will need to face his fear as it is to realize that there is nothing dangerous out there. The sooner the better, othervise the fear might grow to an even more serious level and it is more complicated to overcome. Sounds crude but this is life.

If your other dog is calm and behaving well when walking, perhaps you could try to bring him with you when walking the puppy? When you walk your puppy and notice he is getting scared, try not to make a big deal of it. He might sit down or pull the leash, cry and freak out and yes, I know, you will feel sorry for him at that moment. Try not to feel sorry for him, but try to calm him down without sharing love and affection in that very moment when his fear is escalating. Remaining calm and confident yourself you will reassure him that there is nothing to be afraid of and that he can trust you. When he is relaxing and has calmed down you can show him love and touch him gently, make a couple of steps forward and return back home.

Good luck!

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Posted by Mian - 8 years ago

Zylkene - antistress medication (without subscription) for animals, give this to him once a day about an hour before the first walk of the day (if that is what is scaring him). You can buy 10 at the time, and only give it when needed. Really effective, and will help him relax while you teach him that he can trust you.

You can normally buy it at the vet (without making an appointment), over the counter.

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Posted by Emmadkp - 8 years ago

So glad you found him! Do you crate train him? If not, I would suggest getting a crate which can be his security & safe place. Once he gets used to the crate, you could take him in the car in it & he should be calmer.It's going to take time - lots of reassurance from you will help.For now, I wouldn't walk him off the lead.Regards