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Horse Riding Insurance

Posted by Coffeecup-316019 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by panta-271179 - 5 years ago

What Cherie stipulates is 100% correct. The horse's owners should have a 3rd party insurance. This covers any damage (material of body) the horse causes.
Your daughter is insured through her FFE License (is a must), but you can also have the equivalent insurance through your "familiale", this is a 3rd party insurance that covers any accidents that are caused when your daughter is doing her sport(*).(*) is very important, everything that has to do with the SPORT and this horse in covered, meaning cleaning the horse, handling the horse, riding the horse, everything that has to do with the execution of the sport, but NOT putting the horse in/out the field, accidents that occur when cleaning stables.... that has to be convered by the insurance of the Stable and have in principle nothing to do with the sport !! Sounds bizare, but that's how it goes.
The FFE license insurance does not cover the "damage" to your daughter or her poney, for that you will have to apply on your own "private hospital insurance" "same for the horse"
E.G. Your daughter falls off her poney and breaks an arm, -> private insurance, the poney runs away and hurts himself -> private hospital insurance of the horse, the poney runs into a car-> damage to the car will be covered by the owner's 3rd party insurance but under your responsability so also your FFE license insurance.Your daughter is riding her poney and the poney gets kicked by another poney-> 3rd party insurance of the other poney's owner, same case and your daughter get kicked by that poney, -> 3rd patry insurance of the poney that kicked.If your daughter gets kicked by the "rental" poney its should be the 3rd party insurance of the owner, but you are handling/renting the poney so it gets really complicated.... Hope this helps, send me mail if you wish to know more

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Posted by CHERIE-207793 - 5 years ago

Normally the owner of either the poney or the stables should have third party insurance. For your daughter's insurance check with MAE that they do cover horse riding alternatively if your daughter takes out a licence with the French Equestrian Federation (FFE) insurance is included. Your best bet is to speak to the people at the stables - the stables were my daughter has her horse insist on having a copy of the third party insurance and will not allow anyone to ride in the stables unless they have a licence with the FFE

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Posted by WizardofOz-226715 - 5 years ago

What about the school-child insurer MAE, taking their complete "24/24 plus" policy which covers the child 365 days a year and all sports in and out of school? (about 33€ a year)

It will also be accepted by her school and you can give a copy to all other activity authorities (danse/gym skiing lessons etc)