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Kitten- not always using his litter box!

Posted by Luciole-221920 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by quin69 - 5 years ago

If the kitten is always choosing the same inside place to go, the you should feed her next to the smell, the idea being that cats are usually clean creatures and who wants to eat near that!

Be very careful what you use to clean up, as the other person said, years ago the veterinary clinic i worked in advised non bio washing powder... certain household cleaners and bleach can make it smell like another cat has been there, so your cat will feel she has to go there again to mark the territory.

For a while give him an extra littler tray too, to increase the chances of sucess, if he has got lazy or is avioding the cold this may help too.Don't tell the cat off, this will cause insecurity and the behaviour for an insecure cat is not to use the tray. Check you haven't changed things around in the house and caused the cat stress. Good luck

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Posted by house for rent-318030 - 5 years ago

Sorry to hear about your problem but you can clean with white vinagar it takes the smell away, don't use bleach as cats love the smell. Good luck

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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 5 years ago

Oh dear!  They're all different!  I had this problem with the last but one. She was fine until she was about this age then she started to find 'hidey' places to go, outside of the litter tray.  My latest edition is a little angel. Since we rescued her at 2 weeks she got the hang of the litter tray and now at 5 months she only uses the litter tray very occasionally at night. As a rule of thumb put him out first thing in the morning and if you're not out at work, several more times during the day and always last thing at night.  Clean the litter tray thoroughly daily and put just a few handfuls of fresh litter in - it doesn't need to be loads.

I've never had cat flaps.  When he's finding these other places to go, is it when you're absent and he has the run of the house?  If so, can't you confine him to one place with a clean litter tray when you're not there?