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Labrador Puppies

Posted by verbier - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by sisi1 - 4 years ago

Perhaps you could also consider giving a home to one of our sociable and deserving dogs?


Give me a call if you would like any information

Serena 0631542093


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Posted by verbier - 4 years ago

Hi John,

thank you for the message. I have emailed the centre in Biot. Hopefully they might have a Labrador that's needs rehoming. I mentioned your name, saying that you had recommended them. 

Kind regard


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Posted by John Cahill - 4 years ago


I don't know any labrador breeders in the area, but I have an alternative suggestion for you. The two guide dog training centres in the area regularly have labrador puppies up to 12 months old seeking adoption. They are dogs which for different reasons have been deemed unsuitable to continue their training. I don't know if you understand the guide dog system, but the puppies are given to a welcome family for about 12 months to be socialised and do their basic training. They are then returned to the school where they undergo six months of intensive guide dog training. At various stages throughout their basic training they are assessed and about 40% are rejected. My last one was a lovely, exceptional dog in every way, but she was just too lively and excitable to be a guide dog. I couldn't commit myself to keeping her permanently, so I found her a good home and the school sold her for a nominal fee. The school I've been involved with is the one in Biot -Ecole Méditerranéenne de Chiens Guides d'Aveugles - Tel. 04 93 65 08 36. If you are interested, just give them a call. The other centre is closer to you, near to the Astrorama off the Grande Corniche, but I haven't got their details to hand. You could get yourself a well-trained puppy for a lot less than a breeder will charge you, and help the school to find a good home for one of their dogs.


Best wishes,


John Cahill