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looking to start up a dog sitting business

Posted by Scottish Lass 17 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Bark to the Future - 6 years ago


I just started a small dogwalking- sitting business in Biot/Antibes.
If you want more info just give me a call on 07-500 7878 3
Or send an e-mail to Barktothefuture@gmail.com.
I am happy to answer you questions.

Anyway this is what I did.
I went to URSAF in Nice to set up a micro enterprise.
They just helped me to fill in the form.
That was very handy cause my French is not that good.
But you can also go online and do it yourself https://www.cfe.urssaf.fr/autoentrepreneur/CFE_Bienvenue.

They told me that you have to pay 18,3 % of tax on every client you have.
You pay that for your social security.
And every year in April you get an other tax bill... and I believe there is also a tax for the building you work in.

I wish you good luck!
Cheers Lisette

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Posted by Danusia - 6 years ago

Hi, before you start, you have to get a "certificat de capacité", the regulations are very strict in France and without the certificate anyone caught looking after pets for financial gain is seriously sanctioned. Once you have the certificate you have to go to the DSV in Sophia Antipolis and request authorisation. They will want to know what your facilities are like etc. and once in agreement they'll tell you to send your project to the prefecture for validation...... then you can start getting your siret. The best is to request a license for maximum 9 dogs as there are no sanitary inspections for this amount of animals.

If you need any further info give us a call 0493919031, good luck, Danusia

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 6 years ago

There are a HUGE number of animal lovers using AngloINFO, so that is the first place that I would advertise! They also travel more back to their home countries, so big business to be had there. However, that said, if your business can work for both the local French community as well as the International one, it will do better.

Good luck!

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Posted by N.-199005 - 6 years ago

Nice idea but I'm pretty sure you can't advertise for this without actually having created an official business. You first need to create your company so you have to go to the Chambre de Commerce to get your numero de Siret. Remember you're not actually allowed to take money from people if you don't have a legal business - imagine one fo your dogs bit another one and it needed treatment, imagine you have several dogs at one time - you need to go through all the sanitary norms and get hygiène approval etc (what do you do with all the waste for example?) People can't just start advertising for having "a dog sitting business" without all the legal aspects. You can't just put this money in your pocket unfortunately - it all has to go through the tax system!