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Nocturnal bird song

Posted by m&J-199996 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Lescypres-873147 - 4 years ago

It is most likely a skops owl. It's a very small owl with recessed ears which I think makes it a chouette rather than an hibou.

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Posted by charlottenovitz-654670 - 5 years ago

Nice repartie.   Not living in your backwoods,  I do not have owls waking me, but swallows. They're under the eaves and I look forward to thier return every year.   But in summer, with the first ray of

light, they start to sing, and the eaves are just a few meters from my open window.

I guess it all depends on what time you  go to sleep, to be woken.   But better a bird than a


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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 5 years ago

Its an Owl, although I can't remember which one

Sometimes you can hear another one replying far off

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Posted by m&J-199996 - 5 years ago


That makes me feel a lot better. I was feeling rather daft at mistaking an animal 'the size of a blackbird' for a truck alarm or smoke detector but am really glad I started the thread and appreciate all the responses. My apologies for giving the impression we are of the 'if it moves, shoot it' fraternity, which we most certainly are not, and hope others get to hear the owl, well, once anyway.

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Posted by sally30 - 5 years ago

I read this thread the other day, and even followed the link to hear the Scops Owl call - all very interesting.

Then last night I was woken by what I thought was one of our smoke alarms malfunctioning - it took me ages to establish that the noise was coming from outside and then in my sleepy haze I remembered reading this. What a coincidence, I'd never even heard of a Scops Owl until this week!

We live in the woods at Chateauneuf Grasse and are used to night time owls hooting, cuckoos, woodpeckers etc, but this call was unique. Sounded more like a frog than a bird but listening to the calls on youtube etc its definitely a Scops Owl.

Thank you M&J and all the people who replied otherwise I would have had a very sleepless night trying to find the source of the noise!

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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 5 years ago

Round our way it could be just neighbourly revenge!

I am agreable to whatever you decide has been keeping you awake!



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Posted by m&J-199996 - 5 years ago

I obviously need to make it clear to LovedeCote and ReWe that the owl was never in danger: not only does my wife not posses a shotgun, if she did, it would be me that would be shot.


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Posted by LovedaCote - 5 years ago

Yes, this bird can be a pain in the a** at nights. The male/female calls, then the male/female calls, it gets closer and closer until birds do what birds do when a male and a female are close.

If you asked a french person, ie. next door?, they would have told you. Everybody in the hills has been woken up by this bird.

As much as I hate my pair of doves above my bedroom window, I would not kill them, BUT, if it really bothered me, I could find a way to have them not there.

Violence should never be a solution, unless you are gonna eat it.

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Posted by ReWe - 5 years ago

Yes it is definitely a "Scops" owl, relatively small and totally harmless, so better tell your wife to put the gun away and enjoy the song, the nightime in the countryside belongs to them! If the French had thought that they were worth eating, they would have shot them all by now. I feed all sorts of wild birds in my garden and the other day we had a French couple round, they thought it would be a good idea to net them all  as it is illegal to hunt during the Summer months, then they would make a terrine out of them!!! Enjoy the Summer and listen to nature.

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Posted by m&J-199996 - 5 years ago

Thanks George F, I think you have hit the target. I must admit that my memory is a more melodious note, but as I was also convinced it was a truck reversing, I'm inclined to think my memory is at fault.

My wife's suggestion is to take your recording outside to night and see what I can attract, however, as she is also polishing her shot-gun I think i may let the matter rest here.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.