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Pet Passports

Posted by bridgetjones-816644 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by 4363-200928 - 7 years ago

The only vaccination they care about is the Rabies one, you do not need an ID card you need there passports. What is most important is that they have a microchip and that their passport states the microchip number, they don't care about names. They just swipe the chip and control the passport that they match and that the Rabies jab is in order and tapeworm treatment...


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Posted by quin-191138 - 7 years ago

I travel with my dogs most years to the UK.

The change this year was the pets no loonger need the blood test following the vaccine, but they still need to have and travel with their passports when travelling. These need to be up to date with their vaccines,ID chip details and the visit to the vet BEFORE they enter the UK.

The vet gives the worming treatment and makes a note of this on the page allocated on the passports.  You must make sure you have a passport for each pet, names aren't so important  as the pasport will have details of the pet and the chip number.But it makes sense that you write in a name on the passport. As long as when the pet is scanned it corresponds to the passport then they will be allowed to enter the country.

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Posted by bridgetjones-816644 - 7 years ago

Thank you Kentish.....I wanted to know if you needed both.......the id cards AND the passport.  It is the id cards that have been messed up.......thank you for letting me know about the check up too....i missed that on the DEFRA website. 

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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 7 years ago

You will need the passports/ID cards if you are trying to take them to the UK. Anywhere else you could probably get away without.

You will also need a vet check up within 5 days of entering the UK. (This is the bit that has changed, it used to be within 48 hours of entering.) You still need to give the worming tabs but the flea/tick treatment isn't needed.

Look on the DEFRA website, it has all the info that you need.

Hope that helps.