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Posted by kiwitrace - Created: 7 years ago
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Sorry no image available
Posted by kiwitrace - 7 years ago

Thanks Methuselah,

By memory its head was slightly triangular.
We did a google search and are pretty sure it is just a harmless grass snake, as we found a picture that looked very similar.
Hopefully he may have moved on last night in the cover of darkness.
I prefered him though to the horrible big spiders and lizards we are getting inside, might be the time to fumigate.

Thanks again,


Sorry no image available
Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 7 years ago

Was the head fairly distinct from the body, more or less triangular in shape, or did the head blend with the body?

There is a (non-venomous) snake that looks like a viper with a triangular head and similar markings, but isn't.

Snakes rarely attack as they would rather escape, but if cornered, for example under a fridge, then they are likely to strike out.