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Thing about having labrador puppies

Posted by Snowman-185063 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by unclebuck-261169 - 6 years ago

Hi, I have looked at your blog about your wonderful dogs, and I can see that you adore them and look after them very well, and you can see they look extremely happy. Personally I think that if you have to ask the opinion of others makes me feel there is a doubt in your mind, and if you have doubts then as it is a large undertaking to bring more into this world I personally think you should wait until such times as you are sure yourselves regardless of other peoples opinions as to whether to breed.

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Posted by granapadano - 6 years ago

You seem very committed to your lovely dogs (I saw your blog), but unfortunately a lot of owners are not. Most peope don't have the money, time, patience or space to properly care for a big dog. So, I am sorry to say I voted 'no' to your dogs having pups. Unless you are willing to take back the pups if ever they needed re-homing again. Perhaps put it in a legal contract, that way you are assured they will go to a good home. Just a thought...

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Posted by sdpboat - 6 years ago

Hi there.Our lab had pups from a niebors dog that got into our garden.Problems!She had 10 pups!French law says you have to have vac. and chip if you sell them.If you have male pups, they are less popular.A lot of people think they can keep a big dog in an apartment!After about 3 months old you will end up not getting rid of them.You will also need the space to raise the pups.In short it can get very expensive and you may end up with a lot more dogs than you can handle!

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Posted by Snowman-185063 - 6 years ago

Thank you for all the advice and emails i have gotten, a lot to think about, im glad i have asked, as we have not made up our minds on this, but understanding the problems there are about dogs that are left, i dont want to be responsible for added to a growing problem.

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Posted by Lfast07 - 6 years ago

Nigel,Love your blog....you seem to really care for your dogs!! I voted on your online poll, and I voted "no". Every day I think I see a new post of some guy or some woman "giving away", or "selling" their dog on this forum simply because they are moving. It breaks my heart!!
Not to mention the MANY animals waiting for homes at the shelter. I think the statistics of the number of dogs your puppies could produce would astound you( this applies to the US, but you can get the idea http://www.spayusa.org/media/pdfs/Dogs_Multiply_Pyramid.pdf... 500 dogs in just 3 YEARS), and maybe make you consider booking an appointment at the vet to spay & neuter your dogs. I really hope you will re-consider, think of this poor lonely pups at the shelter waiting for homes!!!Either way, I respect your decision and think it's really great that you are soliciting advice. Best of luck either way!!!

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Posted by sisi1 - 6 years ago

I' sure your dogs would have beautiful pups but as someone who is involved with cat and dog rescue I would say please think of the many, many puppies and dogs we are already trying to rehome at the moment; there are so many horrific cases for which we need desperately to rehome dogs and we can do with all the families ready to take on a pup as we can get. If you want some more canines around the place, please consider fostering for us, (the dogs are all sterilised!!)