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Travelling with a Cat and a Rabbit

Posted by pvdh - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by seashells2011 - 5 years ago

I think that now my removal company will take my cat, it will be quicker and cheaper. What a problem this has been. Alternative, so that I can remain with my cat, would had been to hire a car to Roscoff from Nice, leave it there and have someone travel over on the Ferry with a car and we all go back to Plymouth together, but what a pain.  Brittany ferry say, no pets unless you drive on with your car.  Nothing is easy.


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Posted by job-212223 - 5 years ago

I don't understand why BA have said that you must fly through Amsterdam, they fly direct to LHR and LGW. However correct about putting animals in the hold. I did this years ago when BMI flew here and it was stress free (for the animals at least!) and the quickest way to get them across.

good luck

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Posted by seashells2011 - 5 years ago

You are correct  the SNCF allow pets. thanks


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Posted by emily brand-306844 - 5 years ago

I usual drive back to the UK  via ferry from Santander or Bilboa as it is less of a car journey. I have seen people boarding there with animals - once a guy with a cat on a leash! (not in a carrier or anything) ........ 

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Posted by seashells2011 - 5 years ago

Many thanks for your time in replying. I have got a little info back from the train service, and thought that it may be useful for all to read.

''Eurostar do not permit domestic animals on board any of their services, with the exception of assistance dogs.

As such, you will need to look at alternative ways of crossing the channel. I believe some ferry companies will accept foot passengers with pets, but you would need to check directly with them about this.

Within France, all SNCF services accept pets. Your cat must be carried in a pet carrier, no larger than 45x30x25cm in size and no heavier than 6kg. A pet ticket would be required for any pet, and can be purchased by calling 0844 848 5848.

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Posted by lavinia sadowski-249237 - 5 years ago

I'm surprised to hear that cats and dogs are not allowed on French trains. I regularly travel by TGV, and there are frequently people with either dogs or cats, the small dogs often spend the journey on the owner's lap, and the ticket inspector does not forbid that. I think you should enquire at the station.

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Posted by seashells2011 - 5 years ago

I have my cat vaccinated, rabies checked, and micro chip'. And I will be going back to the UK in the Spring .

It has been a difficult time trying to sort out the best way to travel from Nice to UK, without it costing a huge amount.

No airline will take a pet from Nice to UK in the cabin, and the only source of info' I got was from a BA /KLM employee at Nice Airport, enquiry desk. They said that I would have to book my cat through animal cargo. Travel to Paris or Amsterdam, then to London.  It will be exhausting for my cat,(and costly) and then the journey of almost 300 miles from London to our destination.  If I was only spending a short time in the UK I would drive there (and take a ferry) and back, at least I would spend more time with my cat, apart from the ferry trip of course.

Whilst making alternative enquiries, via train, I was informed that the trains in France will not allow pets, only guide dogs.   I really don't know what the solution is.  But I am sure to let readers know once I do.  I would appreciate any advice or help from anyone reading this message.

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Posted by 4363-200928 - 5 years ago


I always drive, costs €600 return for 2 adults and 2 Labradors. I stop for a night half way, it can be done in a day but I prefer to stop. I take the Euro-tunnel as the boat you have to leave the animals in the car. Some silly people put their car alarms on and once the ship starts to sail the alarms start to go off, which is stressful for the animals. You can not get to your car once the ship is sailing, the train is wonderful and takes 25 mins plus you sit in your car.

Please read this before travelling...


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Posted by pvdh - 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your helpful advise!


Kind regards

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Posted by zuludawn-94449 - 5 years ago


I paid just 20€ to travel from Paris to Bordeaux with Airfrance for the two dogs.   Internal flights in France are very reasonable.

Its best to drive to UK not fly with animals.