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What does LOF mean?

Posted by cabrienc - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by cabrienc - 6 years ago

Thank you for all your responses!
We are still considering all options.

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Posted by hermosabeach - 6 years ago

You can find both LOF and non-LOF dogs at refuges. There is another refuge in the Var "Sans Collier Provence" where we adopted our purebred (but non-LOF) Rottweiler. At the moment, they have a LOF German Shephard and a LOF American Staffordshire in addition to other purebred and mixed dogs. You might want to check out their site to see if they have the breed that you want... http://www.sanscollierprovence.org/

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Posted by sisi1 - 6 years ago

Please consider instead taking a non LOF dog; there are so many gentle mixes out there waiting for families. My friend Tania Burrows has all sorts of sizes and types looking for homes on her rescue website:

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Posted by hermosabeach - 6 years ago

To add to J982, it actually means that the dog is pedigreed (or registered). J982 is correct that is refers to being included in the "Livres d'Origines Francaise". There is a written record of the lineage of LOF dogs ensuring they are purebred. However, a dog can be purebred (known ancestors of a particular breed of dog) without being pedigreed. It is a bit riskier because one doesn't know the health history of the dog's ancestors. But, it is possible. If you want a purebred dog with a known family history, then you should get a LOF dog.

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Posted by J982 - 6 years ago

L.O.F refers to 'Livre des origines français', it is basically referring to if the dog is a purebreed or not.