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What to do if a dog is roaming the streets

Posted by granapadano - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by granapadano - 7 years ago

Thank you for your helpful info. I will be contacting the appropriate authorties.
I am a dog lover and an owner of a dog. I do understand that they are only doing what is in there nature, but a public street is for all to use not just for menacing territorial big dogs.
The owner works at the local Poste so you would think they would be a better member of the community and take into consideration peoples safety.

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Posted by hermosabeach - 7 years ago

As a responsible owner of a loving, friendly, and playful Rottweiler, your message is very disappointing. All dog owners should be respectful of their neighbors - whatever kinds of dogs that they own. However, it is owners like this that give certain dogs a bad name. In France, you do have the right to complain if you see the Rottweiler out free and acting in a dangerous manner. Unfortunately, for all of us who own gentle, friendly Rottweilers, all Rottweilers are considered "chien de categorie 2" and must be on a leash/muzzle when out in public. Therefore, you could complain to the Police Municipale or the Mayor in the town where you live if you seem them wandering free on the streets. (The owner is required to have a "permis de detention" which is lodged at the Police Municipale's office (or the Mayor's office, depending on the town) - so, it should be pretty easy for the Mayor to find out the owners name by their address). I am sorry to hear of your problems and hope that this can be resolved quickly and without any issues.