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Where to advertise for animals without microchip

Posted by MelP-234320 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 7 years ago

Hello MelP,

Having to microchip an animal before advertising for a home in France has stopped many of us from being able to find decent homes for animals. It's a law that actually works against so many strays. We've handled more than 50 cats or kittens, and countless dogs, in the years we've been here, no way can we afford to ID, mcirochip them all, along with operating, vaxing, vet treatment, blood tests, feeding, etc. etc., the cost is prohibitive for us. SPA does not exist in our area.

Our own animals are firmly microchipped but we're certainly not microchipping every stray cat or dog that comes our way. We sterilize with the help of L'Arpaf, our local animal org., but they can't afford to help further. Put up an ad. with a good, clear photo in all your local vets.....plus a good animal centre, but always check the home carefully first, as Tania Burrows mentions, all too many homes here lose interest. Our now long-gone Fayence dog refuge had a very tight homing contract, I wish we could reinstate this but it might well scare off good homes.

We're currently trying to home 5 kittens and one mum, (mum now microchipped), but the ad. appears in 'Giveaways' and not in 'Pets and Animals' as we requested, so we can't win. The mum and kitties, now 12 weeks old, have cost us nearly Euros 2,000 and you can rest assured we won't be rescuing any more heavily pregnant mums again. We rescued mum on the 1st May, she had a thorough vet check and worming, 5 babes were born two days later.

Good luck.

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Posted by Debbiedoo - 7 years ago

Hi; Please give me a call if you are still trying to find homes for your kittens , I might be able to help . 0616299345

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Posted by taniaburrows-262139 - 7 years ago


The person is in France. We have been in contact. It concerns her 2 cats, who are not microchipped and not sterilised = 8 kittens to rehome...

In fact, the law requires each pet owner to microchip their pets. We also highly recommend to have them spayed to avoid such incidents.

This year, more than the previous ones, has been a real disaster kitten wise. The result is that they get poisoned, euthanised, abandoned to fend for themselves. Most of them get rehomes to homes that do not care for them once the interest is lost. I know refuges who, because of the lack of space, try to save kittens by fostering them in their cars... this is how bad it is.

It is very sad, no one is pleased about this situation, and our friends the cat is paying heavy consequences.

Please, neuter your pets.

Kind Regards,

Tania Burrows

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Posted by 4363-200928 - 7 years ago

I am in Italy and not sure where you are, but if it is a dog you should get it micro-chipped by law.

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Posted by taniaburrows-262139 - 7 years ago


Is it your pet?

Tania Burrows