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Where to buy a French Bulldog?

Posted by pepelove - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by waffin - 6 years ago


I am so pleased you are looking at shelters :) I know some breeders do look after their animals and treat them as pets but in France animals are often treated very badly. The refuges I know of have been mentioned, I can personally recommend Tania Burrows, she does so much for animals, I adopted two cats from her in 2010 (only went for one!!) and almost came back with a gorgeous one eyed Pekinese too! I am a softy for anything furry :)

Good luck with your search I hope you find a little soul in need of your love :)

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Posted by pepelove - 6 years ago

Thanks so much for the shelter recommendations guys. The websites are brilliant too. I am sure we will find what we are looking for very soon.

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Posted by sisi1 - 6 years ago

Tania Burrows often has French bulldogs to rehome

See her site:

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Posted by hermosabeach - 6 years ago

Here is one site "Rescue Boule" that rehouse French Bulldogs (bouledogue francais). I saw a two year old male fawn for adoption. http://www.rescueboule.com/ForumV2/viewforum.php?f=22&sid=20306b7f765730ae97cd13e2d57d901a
There are probably several other rescue societies as French Bulldogs are quite popular.

For finding a puppy from a breeder, check www.chiotsdefrance.com. Then, click on bouledogue francais (for the breed) and click on our region Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur. From there, you will see the puppies available. There are a few fawn (fauve) puppies. You can also limit your search to males or females; registered (LOF) or not. BUT, be very careful when checking out the breeders. Serious, committed breeders put their puppies on the site - but, so do unscrupulous ones.

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Posted by pepelove - 6 years ago

Hi Waffin,
Our family has always had dogs from refuges but they, too, have come with all sorts of problems in the past. We've also got dog breeders in the family who treat the dogs as their own so there are always two sides to every story!
Happy to get a dog from a refuge if it's what we are looking for so if you can pass on the details of where I can find one in the area then we'd be more than happy to check it out :-)
Thanks for your help,Pepelove

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Posted by waffin - 6 years ago

Please please consider adopting from a refuge instead, there are so many that are loving and need a home and love and are just as cute and are often young and even puppies. The more poeple buy animals means the more people will continue to make money from animals and their suffering. The shops are disgusting and even if you buy from a private seller it is the same principal, the mother animal spends her whole life being made pregnant and having her babies taken away all the time she is kept just as a breeding machine. They can be left with ruptured wombs and all sorts of problems and are often discarded/abandoned or put to sleep once they reach an age they can no longer reproduce.

Pedigrees can often also have genetic problems and may not live as long as a mongrel of any kind. One bought animal means one animal in need of adoption will either spend it's life without a home or will be put to sleep. The less people buy animals means the less business these people will make. Please at least visit a refuge or a website before to have a look at the little souls who need your love and a home, you may find you are chosen by the perfect little mate, even a french Bulldog, who will be perfect for you and you will be glad you looked.

Kind Regards from an animal lover :)