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Wild Boar

Posted by ralpheastgate1 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Fish24 - 7 years ago

No garantee that it works but it costs nothing.  I was told by a paysan up here that if you can get haircuttings from your local hairdressers and wrap them up in an old throwaway anorak/coat(s), trail it around the probable boar 'path' and leave it nearby, the odor deters the boars from coming any further.  Nothing to loose but on my lawns last year they come looking for specific white grubs just under the grass roots and had a midnight feast on more than half the lawn.

The gardener got rid of the grubs (expensive) and re-sowed but the boar has not been back since.  Maybe they will try again this year?

He may have been having me on but you could always give it a try before contacting your local 'chasse'!

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Posted by feadship - 7 years ago

Your best bet is an electric fence.