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Any Soccer Clubs For Children In Antibes ??

Posted by anthonyb-187880 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by airletter - 16 years ago


Seeing as no one has seemingly replied to your request for football club recommendations, I'll do my best... but I don't live in the Antibes area. I have two boys... nine and 11, who play for US Valbonne. I can't recommend that club highly enough. While not always top of the league in results terms, the coaching and attitude towards the kids is first-rate. Far superior to their old English club (where I was a coach!). As for the local Antibes clubs, I can only say that I have experienced FC Antibes (underneath the fort), CDJ Antibes (near Carrefour) and AS Fontonne (where trainspotters can experience the pressure-wave created by the passing TGVs). This is a purely personal opinion from the perspective of a dad who has observed the attitude of kids and their parents during the course of matches, but I would list my preferences in that order. Apologies in advance to any members of Fontonne! Of course you also have Juan les Pins, who always put out reasonably strong teams, and there is Golfe Juan (who I have never visited). I guess you should do as we did, and bring your boys down to the clubs early in the season and let them have a session or two to let them decide where they feel most comfortable. All the clubs here will let them come along for two or three training sessions before anything is asked of you, either financially or in terms of a season's commitment. As I say, I can't recommend Valbonne highly enough, and I also have respect for the set up at Mougins, which isn't too far away from Antibes for you. Then there's Biot if you're British and your kids are happier playing on real grass. The pitches are in a valley and get wonderfully wet and boggy in winter! There are others, no doubt, but I can't think of them right now.

I guess you were looking for a more cast-iron recommendation of Antibes clubs, but I can only comment from the point of view of an 'away supporter'.

Good luck