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British flying club Cannes?

Posted by nicknickmimi - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by garym-190467 - 15 years ago


There is an English speaking instructor at UACA, Mrs Mary Greco.

At the other club (turn left at the airport entrance) there is another English speaking instructor, Pierre Taquet who is an ex airline pilot and his colleague there is an ex Concorde pilot! Adjacent to that club is the amateur constructors club and there is at least one English pilot there, John who built a microlight.

I got my JAR PPL recently in the USA and would like to get some flying done from Cannes. If there are any more experienced,  English speaking pilots willing to help with familiarisation please get in touch.

Also I am building a 2 seater 180 HP aircraft from plans. See www.nexusmustang.com - That's one you sit in and fly at 200mph +, not a model!

Anyone interested in sharing such a project?






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Posted by ric06 - 16 years ago

There are three flying clubs at Cannes-Mandelieu airport, U.A.C.A, Aero-club Antibes, and C.A.E. I have flown with all of them and would recommend U.A.C.A.

You don't mention what you want sort of flying you want to do, or whether you speak French. If you already have a PPL then you can fly using English r/t at Cannes-Mandelieu but you will not be able to land-away at any uncontrolled airfields unless you are confident in French on the radio. You should be able to get checked out at U.A.C.A by the excellent CFI M.Jonnsen who (I think) speaks some English.

If you are looking to learn to fly, I think your options are much more limited as I don't think any of the current instructors at any of the clubs speak good enough English to teach ab-initio. However, a couple of years ago there was an English female instructor who was looking around for a job at C.A.E - you could ring the CFI there (Matthieu) and ask if she is still about.


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Posted by Vanessa-183768 - 16 years ago

I don't know if there's an anglo flying club but there's a French one at Mandelieu, they are extremely friendly and there are some English members. Couldn't be a friendlier place.