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Can i go surfing anywhere??

Posted by benandal-185374 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Bill Arkill - 16 years ago

I drove the coast road from Villefranche thru Ventimiglia in Italy a while back - just after a BIG south easterly gale. There were packs out at Beaulieu, Eze and Latte.

Beaulieu is off Villa Kerylos, a point break that has a low wave that rolls round into the bay the day after a very hefty wind swell.

There were two packs out at Eze in the middle of the bay - a strange beach break but nothing exciting.

There were people out at Latte and just before Ventimiglia but it all looks a little rocky there.

Maybe go seraching along the coast the day after s/easterly gales. Good luck and pack a mid sized floater!




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Posted by tkw - 16 years ago

Decent surf...no.

Short ride on a wave possible...but unlikely this time of year as any swell is pretty much gone until fall. Basically if its not windy here there are no waves.

Theoretically possible surf spots in La Bocca, Cap D'antibes, biot, St. Laurent du Var, Beaulieu but you have to be at the right place at the right time with the right swell and wind direction. Better chance down toward Toulon - Marseille. Too much work for me...kite surfing is much better here.

or try the direct night train to biarritz.

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Posted by marcandjen-180991 - 16 years ago

When there's a swell in front of the Alcatel building in La Bocca there is a nice wave, but not powerful. More in spring/winter.

Down the coast in Italy there are a few spots but again, not too great compared to ocean coasts. Bad time of year for it too. Varrazze gets a nice break from time to time and there are other little spots up and down the Ligurian coast but I haven't tried them myself. Biarritz over in the west is where it's really at -- end September and October are good.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

There's a spot on the Plage du Midi near La Bocca where people go surfiing if there is a swell.  Ordinary surfing is not too good because the beaches slope down too quickly, and you rarely get large waves in the Med.

Maybe try wind or kite surfing?  Palm beach at Cannes is good and there is plenty of car parking nearby