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Do you want to begin golf AND learn French?

Posted by The_Other_Club - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by The_Other_Club - 16 years ago

Hello Keith,

Thanks for your interest in golf.

See, I've been living in Sophia-Antipolis for 5 years, and recently, a beautiful 9-hole golf course has opened on the other side of the hill. It has wide fairways, large greens, 4 practice greens, and a driving range. They are also currently building a compact golf course, which will be used exclusively by the golf teaching pros and their students. They started with 4 golf teaching pros, but just this week, the 6 golf teaching pros of the Leadbetter Academy of Cannes have moved here, so now there are 10 of them. One is British, and some of the French pros speak good English. The golf course director is John Naughsworthy, and he is trying hard to make it continental Europe's best golf Academy.

The deal is that I introduce you to the world of golf, tell you of the traps, give you one or two tips, introduce you to the right golf teaching pro (whether British or English-speaking French)... I would do this for free. I have some time until the end of September, and also, I want to experiment something with some expats... I have some business idea that I just want to toss up...

For those who want to learn French at the same time, of course, I would advise to take a French teacher, and try to connect with the French in golf competitions.

Don't forget also that you can join the Riviera Expats Golf Club. But of course in this case, you won't be "compelled" to speak French.

Ask questions if I missed a point.

And if you want to get started, just e-mail me so we exchange #s.

Good golf,

The Other Club

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Posted by eurosurv - 16 years ago

hello sounds interesting tell me more I am in my 40s its about time i took up golf. Regards Keith