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Flying in the sky

Posted by ld06000 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by ld06000 - 16 years ago

as a matter of fact it is perfectly legal as a private pilot to fly with passengers and to share the costs. It's also legal to invite people to fly in these conditions. This is not a commercial activity because no money is earned and there is no competition with the commercial companies. Furthermore the plane is not owned by any airclub. It's a totaly private one.

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Posted by Will.06 - 16 years ago

Is it within the law to advertise ones services as a private pilot.Is there not a fine line between your advert to the general public to share your costs and that of flying for hire and reward.I presume you dont hold a commercial or airline transport licence along with an air operators certificate making you a bit of an unknown quantity to members of the public.This was a bit of a grey area in the UK a number of years ago and the CAA agreed that members of a flying club or jointly owned syndicate could split the costs of private flying.Perhaps and I suspect in France different rules apply but if you bend an aeroplane or are involved with other numerous incidents there is a lot of form filling.

I am only suggesting you do everything by the book so in a few years time with 4 stripes you too can be percieved by your next door neighbour as overpayed,having too big a house,too many sports cars being on holiday the whole time,having a permanent sun tan,half a dozen ex wives the present one half you age plus numerous other women scattered round the globe etc,etc.




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Posted by ld06000 - 16 years ago

THE GOOD PHONE NUMBER IS : 06 63 47 39 70


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Posted by Makesuthink - 16 years ago



Please advise on what the costs and availability are. Also I have a friend with a Velocity jet at Cannes Mandelieu.


0493 562 147