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Flying School

Posted by IanDm-185372 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by 123jump - 7 years ago

Thought I'd just mention here as there may still be people searching for English flying tuition, that I have recently had lessons with Stuart Morton at Cosmo Flight School, a CAA regulated flying school here in France teaching only in English, with English instructors. As far as I'm aware they are the only school in France that the CAA have authorised to teach PPL and theory.

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Posted by bcarenton - 10 years ago

If you need recurrent training (five years after you original post), try Cannes Aviation www.cannes-aviation.com
Benjamin Carenton

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Posted by garym-190467 - 15 years ago

Try also Pierre Taquet at the other school at LFMD: turn sharp left as soon as you go into the airport entrance and drive 100 m and its by the RSA hangar.   He is an ex airline pilot and instructs there at LFMD, very agreeable chap and his club also has an ex Concorde pilot instructing! 


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Posted by garym-190467 - 15 years ago

Yes, but how far are you along the way already? There is a lady instructor at UACA Cannes Mandeleau where you can get a JAR license.  BUT there are some gotchas:  unless things have changed since 2003; you cannot take the written exams in English in France and you cannot get leave to take the exams in the UK and get flying instruction in France.  You can get the UK to include up to a certain number of hours flown in France with those flown in UK or USA. But it is not obligatory that the CAA allow this, it is something I had to apply considerable pressure to conclude the matter.  The words used are "with prior agreement by both parties" some hope!

I eventually had some French time taken into account by the UK CAA on instruction completed in Florida.  So much for the Pan European JAR license. The French club had to be cajoled into verifying my time despite having a signed and stamped log book the British CAA required written verification from UACA. It was not until I went back to the Club and asked personally for a reply , was one sent. So if you are OK taking the written exams in France (7) then get instruction there, if not consider going to UK or USA. However the airspace in Cannes is far more restrictive than that in in most of Florida so its not a full preparation for flying around LFMD.

The CAA JAR medical requires a ECG whereas I think the French JAR  does not. There is a doctor at Nice airport who can arrange one.



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Posted by MikeW-186413 - 17 years ago

Tryhttp://www.azurflyingclub.co.uk/they appear to be based in Aix, but there is no one else that I know of.They do advertise locally so should be able to help. You may need a couple of extra lessons to fly their Wildcat (if it is theirs):-)