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Golf Clubs

Posted by VPotter - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 15 years ago

All hickory-shafted clubs have some resale value as collectables. The better the condition, the higher the value.

However, even more important than the condition is the maker - there are some truly famous makers whose clubs command big money, and there are those who are less famous whose clubs command, er, less.

Age is also an issue - older generally means pricier.

It's a very specialised area - there are books out there covering the more collectable areas, along with information dotted around the Web.

Finally, there are some people who club together every now and then and actually play 18 holes dressing in plus-eights and using hickory-shafted clubs - see here for one example of "hickory hackers" playing in Canada.

Note: are you certain that the shafts are hickory. After hickory was replaced by steel (phasing in over the early 30s, so your clubs are "on the cusp"), a lot of steel shafts were painted to represent hickory and a few people have offered these for sale in the innocent belief that they were real hickory!**************

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Posted by TokyoJoe-182819 - 15 years ago

Unfortunately ,, they are too old to be of use on the course yet too young to be considered a true antique ,,

Still might have value as objet des art ,,

Could you tell us ,, what kind of clubs ,, how many woods and irons?

RSVP by EM ,,