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Hiking club?

Posted by Lucy.C.B. - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by adishaw67-230690 - 6 years ago

Stefana & her fiancee Yoerg are into this. Me too. Call Stefana on 0648651559 or me on 0660215496 & we'll let u know where we go next. Normally a Sunday sometimes a Saturday. We're based in Nice :) Adrian

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Posted by tsh - 6 years ago

There was a group I used to walk with about 5 years ago (Nice/Antibes) who went out most Sundays using the routemarked paths. Shame the forum we were using has vanished - I was hoping they might still be around! We had 10-20 people walking most weeks I remember.

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Posted by shantit - 6 years ago

I hope to be in or near Valbonne in early September. I would love to walk then

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Posted by petre-287652 - 6 years ago

this is a great list

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Posted by Fred - 6 years ago

take a look at this link
it gives the list of associations/clubs in the regions.
good luck

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Posted by petre-287652 - 6 years ago

its a shame but despite interest in this type of idea... no one has responded so I shall be walking alone again !!

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Posted by petre-287652 - 6 years ago

would love to hear from anyone else who is interesed .

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Posted by petre-287652 - 6 years ago

How about choosing a hike then. Its a hilly region here and apart from the coast most walks in the hills will start with an uphill start.
From the village of Courmes you can do a loop walk, heading upwards and walking up to a flat area and back round and down again to finish in the village. Amazing views, of mountains and sea.
I think best to start with the shorter version of this, which is about 8-10kms, maybe allow about 4 hours to get there,walk up,lunch stop and return,depending on speed and length of stop etc.
We could meet in the parking at Pre du Lac and share cars. I would have 1 space.
The village is about 20minutes more driving ( i hope my timing is ok, i don't think about it when i go on my own )
The next few weeks I can only do sunday mornings - so how about June 10th at 9.30am.
I will await to see if anyone out there is interested......hope so, could be interesting to meet others who like a hike.

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Posted by petre-287652 - 6 years ago

I walk nearly every weekend here, usually in the hills behind Grasse, Gourdon & around Courmes area.
A couple of weeks ago I did some of the Balcons Du Loup route which starts at Bar sur Loup and goes up towards Gourdon and through over 20 tunnels ! That was exciting and exhuasting! About 15kms.

You can get a range of books called Les Guides Randoxygene- from tourists offices- they have a wide selection of routes giving times and distances etc. They are free. They are really useful.
Maybe it would be interesting to suggest a date and a route and see who is interested in joining a walk, maybe one saturday or sunday morning? (i can't often do saturdays though)
I'll be back tomorrow with a suggestion and anyone interested can post here and we'll work out a meeting point.
I like to walk for 8-10kms- about 3hours or maybe a little longer with a picnic lunch and snacks. How does that sound ?

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Posted by minipict1 - 6 years ago

I'm a keen hillwalker, happy to go hiking for a full day up in the mountains, or for a wander round the cap d'antibes. I'm happy to go walking anywhere in the alpes maritimes area, even up in the mercantour. I'm only free occasional weekends, and then only on saturdays. If anyone has a hiking group who walk on saturdays, or if you are interested in making up a small network of walking friends, then please get in touch.