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kayaking and trail biking

Posted by quin-191138 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by ngsy87 - 7 years ago

Good on ya.

Thanks for the reply.

If I do find a group I shall post and let you know 

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Posted by quin-191138 - 7 years ago

I have started going out alone. Starting at Palm Beach area as parking is free and you can park right by the beach so I don't have to carry kayak too far to the water.

I was out today,water is still warm and very clear, less boats around than in the summer, so that keeps the water calmer.

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Posted by ngsy87 - 7 years ago

Hi there,

Just wondering if you found somewhere for Kayaking?

I am moving to Le Bar sur Loup next week from the uk and love to kayak. I havent had much experience in the sea either so it would be good to have a few lessons or atleast go out with a group. 


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Posted by quin-191138 - 7 years ago

No bike, sadly, I would like somewhere to go and get started, passed regular bike test 18 years ago !

Decided life is too short to keep saying i really want to do that , time to take action.

If you would know of somewhere I can go hire a bike and have some practise runs then i would be interested in buying later. Would also like to know where you can find out the regulations for biking around here.

Thanks for replying to my old message

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Posted by T.J.S - 7 years ago

Hi, myself and some friends ride motocross at the weekends. Do you own a bike?

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Posted by nissalabella - 7 years ago

Hi, please have a look at the link below. This club is the one who had a brilliant member called Emilie FER (won the gold at the Olympics recently in London) so the instructors shouldn't be too bad!!!
Hope this helps,


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Posted by Leelou - 7 years ago

Hi ! I live in Fréjus and people practice kayak in the sea or in "les Gorges du Verdon". On Fréjus St Raphaël seaside, there are schools for that kind of activities ("Ecole de voile et de kayak").

I have friends who practice running and trail biking in "le massif de l'Estérel". They belong

to the local club and used to go out on sunday mornings.


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Posted by petre-287652 - 7 years ago

Thank you Martin
I am in Grasse so Cap d'il a bit too far but i will contact them and they will probably point me in the right direction.
Yes i would love a few lessons before being unleashed into the sea !

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Posted by MartinBr-316286 - 7 years ago


It depends on which area you live. I am a member of the Cercle Nautique Cap d'Ail. In this club you can try kayak and you can get some lessons if needed. Good luck!