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Last Self Defence class Tonight

Posted by Si-180835 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Si-180835 - 16 years ago

Hi Marc,

Classes on the beach will be starting up again as soon as the weather is a little more dependable ;-)



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Posted by mcgroover - 16 years ago

hello si i am currently in scotland but will be returning soon to france and would be interested in joining your self-defence class as you seem to have the perfect attitude towards teaching (not to serious)i am very interested in aikido as i am being taught at the moment by a karate instructor!?!he has a great knowledge of martial arts of various disciplines shotokan 7th dan judo 2nd dan aikido 2nd dan spending most of his life in japan.It sounds like you have the same broad knowledge,i have also studied breifly jeet kun do & i boxed for some time as a junior although now im to old for pugilistic sports i much prefer trapping and locking etc if you can help me continue then i would really appreciate it kindest regards marc

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Posted by fionajthomson - 17 years ago

Happy Days,

Maybe you'll miss class tonight but I'm sure that Si can give you a few private lessons tomorrow?




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Posted by Happy Days-188415 - 17 years ago

Hi Si,

I've never been to a class but would love to join you for some wine on the beach. If not tonight then maybe some other time. :)


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Posted by Si-180835 - 17 years ago

Yes of course....you've been to one of the classes (first one wasn't it ? )Si

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Posted by irfs - 17 years ago

can I come for the  wine even if I cant get to the class?