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looking for skiers/snowborders

Posted by pmm-180394 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by lgs - 17 years ago

It snowed, excellent time was had by all. Commuting from Pegomas was a breeze (1hour 50 minutes) and skiing has been added to the list of stuff we can happily do in the CDA. All I need is a new set of knees.

Thanks to all those who took an interest and sent advice, the praying seemed to work!


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Posted by lgs - 17 years ago

come on you snowww!!!! Still on my knees, dashing up there on Sunday.lgs

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Posted by mixer-186069 - 17 years ago

I have been told that though there is not much snow in Isola or Auron, some friends of mine had a great time skiing in La Foux D'Allos this week. Keep an eye on those ski reports....

Good Luck!

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Posted by lgs - 17 years ago

Thanks for the update, depressing as it was. There are 10 days to go before we need the snow so here's hoping! No snow would be so much of an anticlimax it isn't worth thinking about. It WILL snow.lgs

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Posted by fidav - 17 years ago

Just been up to Isola this weekend and the snow was looking sad. The lower slopes were mostly 'made' snow and the top slopes were beginning to thaw and very icy in patches. There  was rocky and grassy patches beginning to appear .... so you'd better pray for snow, by Easter it will all be gone if the weather continues as it is. They do have snow machines though and will probably go on making it until Easter ... so perhaps you will be in luck.


Fiona Crockett

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Posted by lgs - 17 years ago


Thanks for the excellent info, sounds very exciting, we are there for two weeks, the intention was to have the first week skiing because of the potential lack of snow. However now that the lgs family will be praying for snow twice a day we might even forsake the beach on week 2!

I am assuming I can, get lessons and rent  skis and stuff up there when we go on our first day recce, or should I try to do this in advance?

thanks for your advice





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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

Mac users (or anyone else) lacking the Wingdings font will be somewhat bemused, by that, I suspect...




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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago


Easter is late this year.  Another 5 or 6 weeks from this week depending on whether you are talking first or second week of the school holidays.

Although Isola is officially open through to 27 April, it will be down to the snow-Gods whether you'll have much to ski on.  Right now the conditions are truly excellent.  Best that I have seen them for many years with superb base of snow.  But 5 weeks of these temperaturesáwe are having now and there won't be much snow left.  So do what all us ˆboarders and ‡skiers do;
T Get down on your knees and Pray for snow!T

I notice that you mention kids and first time experience.  Although Isola is not the prettiest resort in the southern Alps (in fact many would say it is positively austere), it is really handy for beginners and kids as the main central access runs and the lower nursery slopes all have snow cannons so you can bet that even in April you will at least be able to do your lessons and mess around together ” with your kids on the nursery slopes (which are quite long at Isola but unfortunately, served by crowded "teleski" button lifts at the end). 

Driving from Cannes in your Ž will take you 1hr,45 minutes if you drive confidently.  There are regular vvfrom Nice and Cagnes sur Mer that take a little over 2 hours.  The Office du Tourisme can give you the timetable and costs.


Pray for snow!
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Posted by lgs - 17 years ago


sorry I can't help you but maybe you can help me?

We are thinking of skiing at easter during our visit, we have a place inland from Cannes, never been skiing before but pressure from the kids is severe this year. So

1 Will there be snow at isola?

2 How long does it take to get up there? We plan to commute.

3. Can we get a bus?

Thanks for any help you can give